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Fans of The Big Bang Theory might be wondering what they are going to do once the show goes on summer break. Thursday nights will seem empty without Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj and the rest of the gang. But viewers can catch old episodes on CBS’s website while they wait for the next season.

But instead of watching actors play physicists (and rocket scientists, and neurobiologists) on TV, why not learn a little about it yourself? (Disclaimer: Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy Farrah Fowler is a neurobiologist in real life). No more plowing through weighty physics textbooks, learning calculus on your own. The engineers who are working on Mohu’s Channels (still available on Kickstarter until tomorrow), have, in their spare time, found a few YouTube channels that will delight your inner mathematician and physicist.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 12.47.18 PMNumberphile is a YouTube channel that has all sorts of fun facts about…numbers. There is a section devoted to Pi, including calculating Pi using hundreds of real pies. Another section is devoted to prime numbers. Targeted to non-mathematicians, Numberphile entertains as the enthusiasm of the real mathematicians featured in each segment spills over to the viewer.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 12.48.46 PMMinute Physics’s videos are longer than a minute, but always a feature a fast talking narrator using a marker, white board and cartoons to illustrate the concepts he’s explaining. Topics range from time travel, the big bang (the real one, not the show), and why the solar system is flat.

These channels have playlists or are easy to surf. And when Channels is introduced, put these in your channel guide and enjoy on your TV in HD. And don’t worry, the 8th season of The Big Bang Theory will be here before you know it.



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