26 photos of Mohu pets that will melt your heart

Staines is not a Mohu dog, but we wish he were!

Staines is not a Mohu dog, but we wish he were!

As much as we care about making great products, many of us here at Mohu also feel strongly about our pets. We post photos of them to Facebook, sometimes remember their birthdays, take them to the vet, love on them, play with them, and we definitely know how to brag on them.

Therefore, we want to share them with you! People of the World, meet our pets. Pets, meet the People of the World.

Note: If you haven’t seen Staines–the somewhat pained looking fellow to the right over there– in action yet, where have you been?!  An Internet classic and model to all of us who love cupcakes as much as we love bacon, you can practically feel his longing through the page. Click on Staines to see the original video, and after you’ve finished meeting our furred friends below, comment with your favorite, or maybe a caption for Staines.


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