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OTA Shows Update Part 1

OTA Shows Update Part 1

Let’s take a look at how two new OTA shows are performing: Cosmos, and Surviving Jack. They are available OTA for free with a Mohu antenna. In a future blog post we’ll take a look at how  Crisis and The 100 are doing.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.55.34 AMCosmos (Fox, Sunday at 9 ET) was meant to be “event programming.” At this point, Fox will let the show run for its scheduled 13 episodes and then take it off the air in June. For many mainstream reviewers, Cosmos is a hit. It’s visually stunning–using special effects to explore both the outer reaches of the universe and tiny strands of DNA. After a few episodes the narrator, Neil deGrasse Tyson, seems to have hit his stride in his story telling and his goal of making science available and accessible to all viewers. Many of his detractors believe that the show undermines their religious beliefs regarding creation, evolution and God.

Surviving Jack (Fox, Thurs at 9:30 ET ) got off to a great start. It’s loosely based on Justin SURVIVING-JACK_S1-Cast_470Halpern’s I Suck at Girls, and some of the dialogue in the pilot episode is taken verbatim from the book. For anyone who was a teen in the late 1980s/early 1990s the soundtrack of the pilot episode will bring back memories of big hair, the Sony walkman, and desperately trying to fit in. Christopher Meloni, who played Detective Eliott Stabler on Law & Order: SVU is Jack, an oncologist who decides to stay home with his two teenage children while his wife attends law school. Connor Buckley plays his teenage son and he is a charming and awkward narrator, describing the pitfalls of  high school, and his developing relationship with his very unconventional father. YouTube has a great clip from the first episode.

These two new shows are free over-the-air with your Mohu Leaf or Curve. When Channels launches, you will also be able to watch over-the-air. If you miss an episode, you can stream it from Fox’s website because Channels integrates OTA, web, and streaming apps. More updates on Channels and other OTA shows to come.



  1. CCFGeorge
    Apr 11, 2014 @ 12:01:26

    My Mohu is still going strong. However, I do experience some digital latency at certain times of the day. That’s also partially due to my distance from the Metro St. Louis area where most broadcasts are coming from.

    What is your most powerful antenna and how much help would it be not only picking up signal better, but getting a good signal from say my attic, down to my basement amplifier and distribution point?

    - http://www.cordcutterforum.com


    • Sarah Go
      Apr 11, 2014 @ 12:04:57

      George, Glad to hear your Mohu is still going strong. We sell an attic/rooftop antenna called the Sky which works for up to a 60 mile radius. You can install it in your attic and run coax down to your basement. You may need our 4 way jolt when splitting the signal. We have a video on our website about installing the Sky and you can download a .pdf so you can see the instructions. For more info, contact our customer support at support@gomohu.com and they can give you more details.


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