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Get A Leaf® Indoor Hdtv Antenna
"But, holy crap, the Leaf® works like magic. In my aforementioned basement, my TV picked up every local station and tuned them in at nearly full signal strength. Your mileage may vary, of course, but I'm absolutely astonished by how well this thing works. And you don't have to take my word: nearly a thousand users on Amazon rated the Leaf 4.5 stars out of 5 on average."
Get A Leaf® Indoor Hdtv Antenna
Mohu's original Leaf HDTV antenna was top of class for its unobtrusive design and quality. This upgrade features an amplifier that increases your signal range and improves the quality of over-the-air HDTV signals.

It is, once again, the best alternative for people who are thinking about cutting the cord in an effort to keep their bills at a manageable price.
Boomer Tech Products of the Year (2012)
When you picture watching local TV channels, I bet the old "rabbit ears" antenna come to mind. To boost reception, you added aluminum-foil flags to the poles. The Mohu Leaf Ultimate antenna will change the way you think of the TV antenna. The Mohu - a flexible 9 x 11 inch white board that can be tacked to the wall, under a cabinet, or stuck to a window - brings in high definition TV shows better than gargantuan amplified antennas, as well as most local TV stations, including those that transmit low power signals.
Fox News
With an antenna, people can get over-the-air channels; and with a media streaming device, they can get some movies and TV episodes. The unobtrusive Mohu Leaf antenna ($40) can work with any HDTV, old or new.
The Best Indoor Antenna We've Tested: Mohu Leaf
"We were skeptical, since previous indoor HDTV antennas required more positioning and repositioning than a first time yoga student, all for a minimal amount of channels. And like the name implies, the Leaf is paper thin (it literally feels like a sheet of laminated paper), so we were shocked to discover this antenna was somehow able to yank more channels than any other indoor antenna we've ever tried."
Mohu Sky HDTV Antenna Review
The Sky is small, powerful, and unique. With the ability to provide uncompressed HD broadcast to multiple televisions in a home with a range of 60 miles, users will not have to settle with a large, bulky or more expensive rooftop-mounted antenna. The Sky's unique design allows it to be easily mounted in an attic where other antennas are simply too large.
Mohu taps military tech for its new SkyHD outdoor antenna
The SkyHD is Mohu's first multi-directional, outdoor/attic-mounted antenna and, at just 3 pounds and 1-inch thick, the should be an easy install. The folks at Mohu claim The SkyHD can pull in signals from as far away as 60 miles, thanks in part to a 15dB signal amplifier which can be powered by USB or DC adapter. If those specs sound familiar, that's because the signal amplifier is essentially the Jolt bundled in the package.
Mohu's Jolt antenna amplifier clears the airwaves to better TV reception
Mohu has released a new antenna amplifier today that it calls the Jolt. But before you write it off as another signal booster (as we almost did), take a closer look. The Jolt is designed to filter through unwanted wireless radio signals - particularly from cellular and FM radio waves - to increase the capability of pulling in weaker over-the-air TV channels via an antenna.
Two Flat, Stick-On Antennas Tune In Free TV
The $39.99 Mohu Leaf - an $89.99 Ultimate version adds a separate signal amplifier - is barely bigger than an 8 1/2-by-11 piece of paper and comes in plain black or white. And its Raleigh, N.C. manufacturer says you can paint it to match your living room's design.
Mohu Leaf Indoor TV Antenna Review
After removing all of the packaging, installation of the took less than 5 minutes, which required me to connect it with a single coax to my HDTV. A scan of the channels and 1 day later, I have to admit that the Leaf is doing its job well. I haven't had one problem with being able to keep reception with various broadcast networks. With good reception and a happy girlfriend (by hiding the Leaf behind my flat screen), I'd have to say that I'm pleased overall with my purchase.
Sky HDTV Antenna Review
The high-definition TV channels that the mohu Sky HDTV Antenna receives is as good as that acquired through a cable box/satellite receiver - plus it's free. It's an excellent choice for those with homes looking to save money without giving up any quality for viewing broadcast networks. The $169 retail is well spent.
Mohu's The Leaf Ultimate Amplified indoor HDTV Antenna
There was a time when watching a television show didn't involve paying someone for the broadcast signal. A passive pole antenna - "rabbit ears" as they were known - was placed on top or to the side of the TV and got plugged into an input on its back. That was it - television channels could now be accessed at no additional cost. Compare that with a cable box or satellite service where ongoing payments must be made and it seems that the consumer is getting the short end.
Mohu noted in GQ Magazine - February 2013
Seriously. Depending on where you live, you can recapture local affiliates in HD. This means access to the biggest sporting events and broadcasts news.(Yep, they're still doing that) Try mounting the paper-thin Mohu leaf ($40) indoors for free over-the-air content.
Mohu Paper Thin HDTV Antenna
We have discovered probably the best thing you'll ever plug into your HDTV.Its the paper thin HDTV antenna made by Mohu. We have tested plenty of antennas, both indoor and outdoor, in our six years of doing this show. Many have made claims of being the best.Let the HT Guys be the first to tell you that the Mohu Paper Thin Leaf HDTV antenna is THE best indoor antenna we have tested!
Mohu Reviewed in Home Theater Magazine - September 2012
If you're one of the many people now streaming much of your television content, supplementing this with local off-air broadcasts becomes a viable route to eliminating cable TV or satellite service. Before you go to the trouble of mounting a mast antenna, this is on Leaf you ought to turn over.
Kill the Cable Bill Review
"When you are ready to make the leap, check out Mohu. They make the best Indoor Antennas on the market and are reasonably priced. And they are made in America to boot. Free TV in full HD is a no-brainer"
The Mohu Leaf Is a Paper-Thin HD Antenna That's Perfect for Cable Cutters
"Cutting the cable and switching to streaming video doesn't mean you have to miss out on the wealth of free, local, over-the-air HD TV channels in your area. "All you need is an antenna" but if you're like me and live in an area where reception is spotty, you need an antenna that can bring in those local channels as clear as day without putting an ugly, boxy antenna on or behind your TV. The Mohu Leaf is the perfect antenna for the job."
Top 10 Gadget Gift: Leaf indoor HDTV antenna
Mohu's original Leaf HDTV antenna was top of class for its unobtrusive design and quality. This upgrade features an amplifier that increases your signal range and improves the quality of over-the-air HDTV signals.
Scrappy local company finds niche in TV antennas
Every entrepreneur dreams of building a better something - think mousetrap, app or gee-whiz gadget. One local team set its sights on antennas.

The team's efforts, which started as research at N.C. State University, have been aimed at designing new antennas for the military. That's still a top goal, but in March they began selling...
No More Rabbit Ears: The Leaf Antenna by Mohu
"The Leaf was unfazed by placement or direction. Any orientation pulled in signal, with no blips in picture. The only way I could flummox the thing was by spinning it around in my hand, which, as you can imagine, is ridiculous. So instead, I held it still and spun myself around. Surprisingly, no change. I slid The Leaf into a nearby bookcase. Other than the protruding coax cable (easily hideable, if a clean install is your goal), it was invisible and still pulled in perfect signal."
HDTV Antenna Makes It Easier to Cut the Cord
Cutting cable doesn't have to mean eliminating broadcast TV. With the addition of an antenna, you can receive many over-the-air channels including those broadcast in HD. Today's antennas are a fraction of the size of yesterdays rooftop monstrosities or rabbit ears eyesores. A new antenna, called the Leaf, is a simple plug-and-play that screws into the antenna/coaxial jack on a TV, mounts to the wall and then just scans for free over-the-air channels."
USA Today
Taking shape after its name, Mohu's Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna is remarkably thin, modeled after a military mud flap antenna design. The multidirectional antenna can be secured to the wall with thumb tacks or even tape, and comes with a 20-foot cable for flexibility in placement (higher up, away from metal structures and closer to windows are ideal). The Leaf, which has a 35-mile range, is also reversible - black on one side and white on the other - to easily match a home's decor.