AirWave Product Support

Known Wi-Fi and Update Issues

If your AirWave is having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, you need to perform a firmware update.

  1. Connect your AirWave to your router using the included ethernet cable. If you do not have access to your router, please press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the AirWave Power Bridge for 7 seconds to reset it to the factory settings. Then follow the Quick Start Guide to connect your AirWave to your home Wi-Fi.
  2. Open the Mohu TV app and check for and perform firmware updates from the Settings menu.
  3. If you get a message saying the update failed, try the update again. If you get the failure message once more, it's likely that the update worked and AirWave just needs a restart. You can restart your AirWave from the Settings menu within Mohu TV.

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Download the user manual here.

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