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Mohu Graduates From College

college-graduationCollege graduation season is here and a Mohu antenna can help new grads save money.  A Mohu antenna provides free over the air (OTA) TV for budget conscious college grads. An estimated 1.6 million students are expected to be part of the class of 2014 and they are saddled with the double whammy of high student loans and a tough job market.

According to CNN, the average student loan is $29,000. This class is going to have to spend and save wisely in order to keep their finances in order. Many of these new grads are what the TV industry calls “cord-nevers.” They use cell phones instead of landlines and watch TV content on computers or tablets. The last time they saw cable TV may have been at their parents’ home or at a bar or restaurant.
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ABC vs. Aereo


The Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday in ABC vs. Aereo. There are two main issues that the Court will need to address. The first issue is whether or not the re-transmission of OTA content constitute a “public” or “private” performance. The second issue is murkier, and concerns the future of “the cloud” where data and entertainment content is moving.

Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. came down hard when he told Aereo’s lawyer: “Your technological model is based solely on circumventing legal prohibitions that you don’t want to comply with.” In summary, copyright law allows for the private use of the broadcaster’s airwaves. For example, it’s completely legal to hook up a Mohu antenna to a television, or even a Sky to four televisions in one home because that use of the airwaves constitutes a “private” performance (even if you have friends come over to watch the Super Bowl). However, the cable companies pay approximately $3 billion a year in retransmission fees to the networks because their capture of broadcasts and sending them to million of customers is a “public performance.” Aereo claims its performances are “private” because each customer (who pays between $8-$12/month) is assigned a tiny antenna to digitally capture an OTA broadcast and store it in the cloud. The “owner” of that antenna then has the content streamed to a tablet, smartphone or computer.

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Mohu's Channels is All About…Channels


Channel Guide

From Mohu’s February 25 press release:

“One of the best TV inventions that has stood the test of time is the channel guide,” said Mark Buff, co-founder and president of Mohu. “However, accessing the TV content you want through a single guide and then personalizing it has always been a pipe dream. Today, we’re changing that with a new way to bring together all of your favorite TV content through a simple and easy to understand interface that consumers can make their own.”

It’s one of the more obvious things a cord-cutter gives up when giving up cable–that really handy cable channel guide that shows you when your shows will be on. As Philip Michaels says in Techive, “Without an onscreen guide, you’re reduced to consulting printed TV listings or aimlessly channel surfing, just like they did in pioneer times.”  The beauty of Mohu’s Channels, available only on Kickstarter, is that you turn on your TV and the channel guide is right there. You can see what’s coming up  for all your over the air (OTA) content, which is useful when broadcasters switch around the schedule or something else takes the place of your favorite show.

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Why Kickstarter for Channels?

HDTV antenna, Indoor Antenna, antennaWe are so glad to see that the Mohu Channels Kickstarter campaign has surpassed its goal and a big THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed. Every dollar goes to making Mohu Channels a success. On Friday morning we are at $46,000 which is 132% of our goal!

Several folks have asked us, “Why use Kickstarter to launch Mohu Channels?” That is a totally fair question and one we’d like to answer. First of all, crowd funding is a new and cutting edge way to source funding for a new project. Crowdfunding is used for anything from fashion design, to high tech, to movie making. We wanted to be part of that because it allows new and established cord-cutters to help make Mohu Channels a reality. We’ve received great questions and feedback on Kickstarter and Facebook and love being able to interact one-on-one with customers.

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Top Ten Reasons to be Cord-Cutter

1. Be smart and don’t waste money on cable  The average cable bill is $84/month. Multiply that by 12 months/year and you just saved $1000. Whoo-hooo!

2. Your cable bill will never  go up because…you don’t have cable. TV is free. The way it was meant to be.

3. OTA (over the air) shows are excellent–there’s fine viewing out there–sitcoms, dramas, crime shows, kids’ programming, local and national news and the venerable 60 Minutes is still ticking.

NFL on TV, NFL Broadcast TV, OTA NFL4. The Super Bowl, the World Series, the Oscars, the Olympics and the Grammys are all OTA.

5. The Mohu Leaf hanging in your window is a great conversation starter. Surprise and amaze your friends with free TV.
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Most Popular Indoor OTA Antenna – Lifehacker

We here at Mohu are really proud of our Leaf HDTV antenna. It’s small but mighty and definitely gets the job done at bringing cord cutting consumers fabulous 1080p HDTV right into their living rooms, for free. So while we’ve always known it’s a great product, we’ve been working hard at getting the word out to consumers. You can find out the latest and greatest about Mohu and our products on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

Best Indoor AntennaBut, back to the Mohu Leaf. While we were busy here making the Leaf in our Raleigh, NC production facility, the folks at Lifehacker.com were taking nominations from their readers and putting a poll out to the public to get the consumer’s view on the best HDTV indoor antenna.

The Mohu Leaf CRUSHED the competition. 53% of poll respondents named the Leaf the best HDTV antenna. The Clearstream 2 got 15% of the vote followed by the Terk HDTVa with 14% of the votes. Do a little math and you can see that Mohu’s two closest competitors COMBINED received 29% of the votes, way behind Mohu’s 53%.
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Cord-cutting cable – Understanding the hype

Cutting the cord on cable, satellite and telco services has become a legitimately popular topic on the Internet. It’s somewhat niche, but also mainstream thanks to devices from big players like Apple, Roku and Western Digital. It’s these internet-streaming devices that have made cord-cutting a thing. Television antennas are getting more notice thanks to media coverage about the CBS/Time Warner blackout, or unorthodox startups like Aereo. But the Internet is where the cord-cutting conversation is happening, and thus retains the focus.

cord-cutting, cutting the cable cord, cut the cable cord, cable cord cutting

So why do internet-streaming devices give cord-cutting appeal? We would argue it’s because the Internet is the frontier, the future, the place of innovation for America. With hardware magnates like Steve Jobs gone, you can continue to expect interesting small-time projects—like the Roku and Boxee—but when a large company enters the fray, watch the digital articles fly. That’s why there was so much euphoria when Google released their $35 one-off dongle. It’s not that impressive—not even Google believed so, as evidenced by their price. What they’re really interested in, and putting their heart and soul into, is Glass. But that product’s problem is that it feels more like early Steve Jobs, before he returned to Apple: it’s very innovative and artistic, but lacks the immediate place in consumers’ lives that an iPod or iPhone so naturally filled. Continue reading

TV Blog Writer Cuts Cord

If the intersection of television and technology is among your interests, you might be familiar with general TV blogs like TVtechnology, The Tech Beat, and the oh-so originally named Television + Technology Blog.

One television blog out of Colorado, however, is doing its reporting on the local level in America.

TV Tech News is written by Andrew Dodson, technology editor for NewsCheckMedia. As you can tell by my pithy summaries below of recent topics covered, the content offered is highly attuned:

• A Springfield, Missouri TV-affiliate’s use of Single-Frequency Networks
• Netflix gains a better tool for video transcoding
• A Denver, Colorado’s TV-affiliate’s use of GoPro cameras for live broadcast
• A Montana TV-affiliate gets a High-Definition news set
• Young Broadcasting Co.’s new user-friendly production system

What first brought TTN to our attention is Dodson’s recent post about cutting the cord on his satellite TV service, and the financial analysis that led him to that decision. Some of his reasons for doing so— “tired of paying a high bill,” “HD looks better over-the-air,” and “never watch a majority of the digital channels,”—sounded a lot like many of our customers. Continue reading