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AirWave Start Guide For Special Cases

How It Works

94 of the 100 most popular television programs are available for free over-the-air.

AirWave sends over-the-air (OTA) broadcast television and over-the-top (OTT) streaming video channels to compatible streaming devices on your home network. With the free Mohu TV app, you can enjoy these free live, local and streaming TV programs on your phone, tablet or television through a familiar, user-friendly program guide.

airwave setup with devices

What’s in the Box

mohu airwave tv antenna

The AirWave Antenna is specifically designed to connect with the AirWave Power Bridge.

mohu airwave power bridge

Power Bridge
The Power Bridge receives over-the-air TV signals from the Antenna and sends them to your streaming device.

power cable

Power Cable
Supplies power to the Power Bridge. Power AirWave with supplied power cable only.

coaxial cable

Coaxial Cable
Connects the Antenna to the Power Bridge. Already connected to the antenna out-of-the-box.

ethernet cable

Ethernet Cable
Connects the Power Bridge to your router. Not required if connecting AirWave to your home network over WiFi.

wifi adapter

WiFi Adapter
Connects to the Power Bridge to provide a WiFi connection for sending streaming data to devices.

1. Set Up AirWave Components

mohu airwave components

a. Connect WiFi Adapter

Bend the antenna up at the hinge so that it makes a 90 degree angle to the USB dongle. Then insert the dongle into the USB slot on the AirWave Power Bridge.

b. Connect AirWave Antenna

Your AirWave Antenna comes with a coaxial cable attached. Connect the other end of the coaxial cable to the AirWave Power Bridge.

b1. AirWave Plus Antenna

Screw the coaxial adapter first to the Power Bridge. Then use the included coaxial cable to connect the 40-mile antenna.

Airwave Plus TV Antenna and power bridge

b2. AirWave Premium Antenna

c. Connect To Router and Power Outlet

If you have access to your router, plug your AirWave into your router using the included Ethernet cable. This is the easiest way to get your AirWave connected to your home network.

If you do not have access to plug directly into a router, no problem! We’ll use another method to get your AirWave connected to your home network later.

Using the power cable supplied, plug the AirWave Power Bridge into a power outlet.

2. Connect AirWave to Home Network*

Your AirWave will need to be connected to your home network before completing the Mohu TV app setup.

*If you connected your AirWave Power Bridge to your home network router, you’re already connected! Move on to Step 3.

a. Select a Device to Use for Setup

You will need a WiFi-enabled computer, tablet, or mobile device to complete the setup portal.

b. Connect to AirWave’s Access Point

Once your AirWave is powered on (plugged in), a new wireless connection will be available. This connection (wireless access point) will be named airwave-[serial]. From the device you’re using to set up your AirWave, connect to the AirWave access point just like you would connect to any other WiFi network.

Note: while connected to the AirWave access point and completing the setup portal, you will be disconnected from the internet on that device.

c. Follow the Steps in the WiFi Setup Portal

After a few seconds, a window with the setup portal should open. If the portal does not open automatically, please open a browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer) on your device and go to

Follow the prompts on the screen to get your AirWave connected to your home network.

d. Reconnect to Your Home WiFi

When you have completed the setup you may need to reconnect the device you used during setup to your standard home WiFi network.

3. Install Mohu TV App

The Mohu TV App is available for free download and will be compatible with Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, iOS, and Android devices.

Devices with Mohu compatibility

a. Check App Availability

Visit to make sure the app is available for your streaming device.

b. Download Mohu TV

Roku Users: The Mohu TV app is compatible with Roku devices, including Roku TVs.

Mohu TV is not searchable in the Roku Channel Store. Go to to get the link to the channel/app. Once you’ve added the channel, you may need to perform a system update on your Roku device for the app to show up in your channels list.

Fire TV and Apple TV Users

  1. Log in to your streaming device
  2. Open the App Store
  3. Search for “Mohu TV”
  4. Download the Mohu TV App for free

Android and iOS Visit and select the link to your platform. This should open the Mohu TV on your device’s app store.

4. Get Started With Mohu TV

a. Complete Initial Mohu TV App Setup

Open the Mohu TV app on your streaming device and follow the setup prompts.

It is strongly recommended that you fully complete the setup wizard step that connects your AirWave to your home WiFi.

If you connected your AirWave Power Bridge to your router, you don’t have to connect your AirWave to your home WiFi. However, you may find that other places in your house receive over-the-air TV signals better than right by your router. Connecting your AirWave to your home WiFi allows you to take advantage of AirWave’s wireless capabilities and move it around to find the best TV signals.

Mohu Airwave TV Screen Settings

You will need to complete a channel scan before the content is available in the Mohu TV Guide.

b. Enjoy Mohu TV

Select the “Guide” menu option to view and access the content.

Mohu Airwave TV Guide

Mohu TV’s Guide gives you access to channels your antenna receives over-the-air, as well as a variety of free streaming channels.

My Channels Use the “My Channels” menu option to quickly access your favorite content.

Changing Channels To change the channel, use your streaming device’s “Back” button to return to the Guide where any new channel can be selected.

ClearPix Configurations ClearPix is the technology that automatically detects the best internal antenna configuration for each channel.

During the channel scan AirWave checks multiple ClearPix configurations in order to determine the best signal for each individual channel. Since many factors such as physical obstructions and weather changes can affect antenna performance, however, you may at times want to try an alternate ClearPix configuration when your reception is subpar.

You can try another ClearPix setting when viewing a channel by clicking the alternate “ClearPix” button. This sets the signal for each channel individually. Wait a few seconds for the signal to change before deciding which ClearPix setting is best for that channel.

4. Find the Right Location for Your AirWave

a. Place Antenna in Clear Path to Towers

Generally, the antenna performs best with the clearest path possible to broadcast towers. Ideal placement tends to be higher up, near windows, and away from metal objects.

b. Consider Your WiFi Connection Speed

If you have a weak WiFi signal you may need to connect your AirWave Power Bridge directly to your router using the included ethernet cable.

If you have a strong WiFi connection, it is more important to place your AirWave where the antenna will perform best than to be connected directly to your router.

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