Firststage amplified antennas

Introducing FirstStage – Mohu’s Newest Amplifier

We are excited to officially announce Mohu’s latest amplifier technology called FirstStage. FirstStage was designed to improve antenna performance with better reception and less pixelation than other amplifiers. With FirstStage amplified antennas, cord cutters can enjoy more over-the-air channels in a crystal-clear picture.

Unique Integrated Amplifier

Rather than being a standalone amplifier, FirstStage is integrated and built into Mohu’s most recent antenna models.¬†FirstStage’s unique integration reduces cable loss, making it ideal for those using longer lengths of coax cable. Also designed to make installation as easy as possible, FirstStage amplified antennas don’t need a power source at the amplifier end of the cable — so placement is more flexible.

Continuous Innovation in Antenna Technology

At Mohu, our mission has always been to provide innovative products to help consumers cut the cord. And we’ve carried on that mission with the development of FirstStage.

The FirstStage amplifier marks a long journey from our original paper-thin TV antenna, but its ability to enhance the viewing experience and set the bar for antenna technology reflects the same goals we’ve been committed to since 2011. – Mark Buff, Mohu CEO & Founder

FirstStage amplification technology is now available in most of our newest antenna models, including Blade, Sail, and updated versions of the Leaf family.