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New Fall 2015 TV Shows Premiering Free Over-the-Air

Recently my daughter and I visited a friend of hers who had just moved into her first apartment in the big city. I gave her a gift: a Mohu Leaf 30 HDTV antenna. This was the ideal OTA antenna for her location because the majority of the broadcast towers in her area are less than 25 miles away.  (A Leaf Metro antenna would also have been a good choice.)

As expected, within minutes of setting up her Mohu HDTV antenna in the middle of downtown Portland, Oregon she had over 30 channels of FREE over air TV including all the major networks in HD! A few weeks later our friend couldn’t be happier with her Mohu antenna’s OTA TV reception or her new life as a cord cutter.

Here’s a quick overview of the fantastic free programming premiering this fall over-the-air on ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, FOX and PBS. With so many promising new shows, now is the perfect time to buy a Mohu antenna and start enjoying Free TV!


Tuesday, 9/8 CBS 11:30pLate Show With Stephen Colbert

You didn’t really think he’d be gone for too long did you?

Tuesday, 9/15 NBC 10pBest Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris

There’s a whole lot going on in this show, but it all looks good!

Monday, 9/21 NBC 10pBlindspot

An intense, intelligent thrill ride.

Monday, 9/21 CBS 8:30pLife in Pieces

Love the actors and the premise.

Monday, 9/21 FOX 9pMinority Report

Based upon the Steven Spielberg film by the same name.

Tuesday, 9/22 CBS 10pLimitless

Bradley Cooper stared in the movie by the same name, and he’s producing this series that’s sure to be a hit.

Tuesday, 9/22 ABC 8p The Muppets

This adult-ish version gives life to an old favorite.

Tuesday, 9/22 FOX 8pScream Queens

Funny and scary, with Jamie Lee Curtis? I’m hooked already.

Wednesday, 9/23 FOX 8pRosewood

A sexy, smart medical examiner solving cases in Miami meets a detective who’s his flirtatious equal.

Thursday, 9/24 NBC 8pHeroes Reborn

It’s time to rejoice in the reincarnation of a fan favorite!

Thursday, 9/24 NBC 10pThe Player

A unique premise with lots of twists, turns and hardcore action.

Sunday, 9/27 ABC 9pBlood & Oil

Following the dream, no matter where it takes them.

Sunday, 9/27 PBS 9pIndian Summers (9 part series)

Historical depth, political upheaval and mystery bring to life another ‘Masterpiece’ on PBS.

Sunday, 9/27 ABC 10pQuantico

A terrorist event, a conspiracy and a struggle of one of their own to clear her name while on the run.

Tuesday, 9/29 FOX 8pGrandfathered

A perpetual bachelor learns he has a son, and a granddaughter, in the same day. John Stamos’ comedic return to TV may not be much of a stretch.

Tuesday, 9/29 FOX 8:30p The Grinder

Rob Lowe and Fred Savage are brothers in this comedy about sibling rivalry and what’s real or not so much.

Wednesday, 9/30 CBS 10pCode Black

As Grey’s Anatomy comes to a close, this show seems to be one poised to take its place.


Friday, 10/2 ABC 8:30pDr. Ken

Once a real doctor this actor plays a doctor in this family comedy.

Monday, 10/12 CW 8pCrazy Ex-Girlfriend

Musical numbers add something special to this one.

Friday, 10/16 NBC 8:30pTruth Be Told

Marriage, friendship and the moments that keep us bumbling through both.

Monday, 10/26 CBS 8:30pSupergirl

It’s what you think it will be, but updated and reworked for a contemporary audience who embrace girl power!

Tuesday, 10/27 ABC 10pWicked City

The Sunset Strip in 1980 with rock bands and serial killers. Looks good!


Thursday, 11/5 CBS 9:30pAngel From Hell

Jane Lynch brings a devilish twist to all her characters, and does it very well.

Tuesday, 11/10 NBC 10pChicago Med

If you like Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, this show brings Chicago’s fictitious emergency service dramas full circle.

*Please note times are PT/ET unless otherwise stated.

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