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New Over-the-Air (OTA) Content Premiering this Weekend

ResurrectionThree new interesting over-the-air (OTA) shows are premiering this weekend.  The broadcast networks often tweak their line-up in March–think of it as OTA “spring cleaning.” Of course all shows will be available free to anyone with a Mohu Leaf, Mohu Curve or Mohu Sky antenna.  A lot of new content is coming out in March, so get ready for some great viewing.

Two shows coming out belong to a science-fiction/supernatural genre though so far there don’t seem to be any aliens, zombies, space travel or vampires, but you never know. The third show is a “sequel” to Carl Sagan’s Cosmos that aired  in 1980.

Resurrection premieres on Sunday, March 9 on ABC at 9 pm ET. ABC has saturated prime time with trailers for it, but in case you missed it, Resurrection is about a small town in Missouri whose deceased residents start to return. The tag line is “What if someone you lost…returned?” The first person to return to his family is a young boy named Jacob who died 32 years ago and wakes up in rural China in the present. Based on the trailers, his family, doctors and clergy struggle to make sense of his sudden reappearance.

Cosmos_1Also on Sunday, March 9, Fox is showing Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey–An Epic Adventure in Space, Time and Life. It’s hosted by the scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who is rockstar famous and in many ways is the heir to Carl Sagan, who created the original Cosmos. The new Cosmos travels the world and the universe exploring everything  from our DNA to distant galaxies. While firmly based in scientific facts, Cosmos hopes to open our eyes to the wonder, excitement and thrills of science, and exploration of the world around us. It’s visually rich and hopes to engage viewers in science who might otherwise not be interested. Click here for the YouTube preview.

NBC-Believe-logo-1920x1080Believe makes its debut on Monday, March 10 on NBC after The Voice. The pilot episode was directed by Oscar winner Alfonso Curaron who also directed Gravity. The premise is that the young heroine, Bo, has extraordinary powers such as levitation, telekinesis, the ability to control nature, and see the future, among others we don’t know about. As she grows up her powers have become stronger, making her a target for forces that would use her powers to control the world. Enter Tate, a wrongfully convicted death row inmate who has been appointed to keep her safe. Tate and Bo travel from town to town, trying to stay ahead of the unknown sinister forces hunting them. While there is a lot of action and special effects, the shows focuses on the relationship between Bo and Tate.

This is just a taste of the new OTA shows coming out in March and more will be introduced at the end of the month. All this great TV content is available free, legally, and over-the-air with a Mohu antenna. Let us know what you think. Happy viewing!



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