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Week 11 NFL Over-the-Air TV Schedule by Region

Weekly Review of Games Broadcast in Your Area

Wow. What a week for NFL football. The collective hearts of millions of people were broken as the New England Patriots edged out a tight 27-26 victory over the New York Giants. In seemingly a freak occurrence, the lovable losers known as the Detroit Lions manage to beat the Green Bay Packers; who have been on a three game losing streak ever since their perfect record was broken.

So what’s going on in football this weekend?

Let’s find out! Here is the Week 11 NFL over-the-air TV schedule, broken down by network and broadcast region.

Week 11 NFL Schedule

Week 11 NFL Schedule

Now let’s take a look at the broadcast coverage for the games.

NFL Network: Thursday Night Football

The only way to watch Thursday Night Football is with a NFL Game Pass subscription (now with new mid-season pricing at $85 for the entire 2015/16 season).  On a personal note, I really need Blake Bortles to throw for more than 300 yards this week (with a couple touchdowns of course), so that I can beat my brother in Fantasy Football.

Don’t miss week 13, as we will be able to watch the Packers vs the Lions game OTA.

CBS: Early Sunday Games

Week 11 CBS Early NFL

Featured Match Up – Denver Broncos vs. Chicago Bears, 1:00 PM ET

The Broncos started 7-0 this season and have had an impressive run, until recently. The Broncos are on a two game losing streak, Manning is injured, and the Bears have been getting better. This means that Denver is very vulnerable; and if Chicago wants to stay in contention for the Wild Card slot, this is their moment to prove it.

Alternative Match Up – Indianapolis Colts vs. Atlanta Falcons, 1:00 PM ET

FOX: Early Sunday Games

Week 11 FOX Early NFL

Featured Match Up – Washington Redskins vs. Carolina Panthers, 1:00 PM ET

There are only two teams left in the NFL that are undefeated, and the Carolina Panthers happen to be one of them. Lead by Cam Newton, the Panthers are on a 13 game winning streak, but every team has to crack eventually (or do they). But Washington has been upping their game; and after annihilating New Orleans, anything can happen.

Alternative Match Up – Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins, 1:00 PM ET

FOX: Afternoon Sunday Games

Week 11 FOX Late NFL

Featured Match Up – Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings, 4:25 PM ET

In one of the biggest games of the season, Green Bay will square off against its arch rival, the  Minnesota Vikings, in a showdown over the number one spot in the NFC North. Green Bay is a good team, but so is Minnesota; and the Vikings have been on a five game winning streak, as opposed to a three loss streak like Green Bay. This should be an epic showdown.

Alternative Match Up – San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks, 4:25 PM ET

NBC: Sunday Night Football

Featured Match Up– Cincinnati Bengals vs. Arizona Cardinals 8:30 PM ET

This is a game that some are already calling an early preview to this year’s Super Bowl. Despite having their perfect records tarnished, both Cincinnati and Arizona have strong teams that can put up a heck of a fight. The Cardinals have the home team advantage, which may prove to be the deciding factor in this clash of the titans.

ESPN (Sling TV): Monday Night Football

Featured Match Up – Bills vs. Patriots, 8:30 PM ET

Watching Football Online and Over-the-Air

As always, if you want to know how to watch these upcoming games here’s how you do it: All you need is an over-the-air antenna and you’re done. Yes, it’s that simple.

Now in the event that you find yourself outside of the broadcast network of the game of your choice; then check out NFL Game Pass. For $85 for the rest of the 2015/16 season (mid-season pricing), NFL Game Pass opens you up to every NFL game this season, available after it airs, as well as a huge host of historical games and extras. If you’re curious, check out their free 7-day trial!

So what are your picks this week? Vikings or Packers? Cardinals or Bengals? Sound off in the comments below or send us a tweet!

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