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FAQs and Troubleshooting

AirWave General FAQs

Can I connect any antenna to the Power Bridge?
At this time, the Power Bridge is solely intended for use with the included AirWave antenna. Connecting other antennas to your Power Bridge may cause damage to the AirWave or the other antenna.

Can the AirWave Antenna connect directly to my TV?
AirWave is specifically designed to work with the Power Bridge to stream OTA signals to compatible streaming devices. Results are not guaranteed when using the AirWave antenna directly connected to your television.

Can I stream to multiple devices at the same time?
AirWave is a single-tuner device, which means only one channel can be streamed at a time. However, multiple devices can stream the same channel at the same time.

How do I connect to multiple streaming devices?
Once AirWave is set up on your home Wi-Fi network following the initial setup instructions on your first streaming device, you can download the Mohu TV app to any other compatible device that is connected to your Wi-Fi network. When you open the Mohu TV app on additional devices, perform a scan for AirWave units on your home network and connect to the AirWave you already registered with another device. Both devices will be able to control your AirWave.

Can I stream outside of my home network?
No, AirWave is solely intended for use on your home network.

Does this have DVR or time-shifting?
AirWave currently does not have DVR or time-shifting capabilities.

What’s the antenna mileage range?
AirWave is a non-amplified antenna. Our testing indicates a range comparable to other Mohu antennas that are non-amplified, like Mohu Leaf 30 and Curve 30.

Setup FAQs

Why do I get “Error Registering Device” or an error with the passcode?
Future AirWave features may require a passcode in order to function properly. For now, the screen requiring users to input a passcode to connect has been removed completely. Please update your app to clear this error.

Why are there issues with using laptop/desktop browsers to do the AirWave setup?
We recommend using a tablet or smartphone for setup. We have tried for compatibility with as many browsers as possible, but there have been some reported issues especially on Windows machines.

Can I put AirWave in my attic? Outside?
It is recommended that you place your AirWave in a climate-controlled environment, avoiding extreme temperatures, with a clean Wi-Fi signal. Do not place any AirWave components outdoors.

Can I connect an amplifier to AirWave to get more channels?
AirWave is not intended for use with any external TV antenna amplifiers.

How do I connect my existing AirWave to a new Wi-Fi network?
If your AirWave is connected directly to your router via Ethernet, disconnect it. Press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the AirWave Power Bridge for 7 seconds. This should reset the Wi-Fi settings and turn the AirWave access point back on. From your computer or mobile device, connect to the access point (“airwave-[serial]”) just like you would any other Wi-Fi network. Then follow the setup steps to configure the AirWave to the new Wi-Fi network.

What are the network requirements for AirWave?
AirWave is compatible with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi or wired ethernet connections using the supplied ethernet cable to connect directly to your router.

I am unable to detect AirWave’s access point (“airwave-[serial]”) in my available Wi-Fi networks to complete the initial setup. What should I do?
First, try turning your setup device’s Wi-Fi off then back on. See if the “airwave-[serial]” network appears. If it does not, disconnect your AirWave from your router if it is connected, then press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the AirWave Power Bridge for 7 seconds. Try turning your setup device’s Wi-Fi off and back on once more, and see if the “airwave-[serial]” network appears. If you are still having issues, please contact Mohu Customer Support (see contact info below).

Mohu TV App FAQs

Where can I find the app for Roku? Apple TV? Amazon Fire TV? iOS? Android OS?
You can find the Mohu TV app for your device by searching for “Mohu TV” in your device’s app store, or visit

Does the app cost money?
No, the app is free to download in your device’s app store and there are no monthly fees.

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