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1. Why does the TV for Free tool on your website show different results than what I get in my home?


  • The TV for Free tool looks primarily at distance from the TV towers.
  • Our TV for Free tool does not account for differences in terrain. For example, even if you are close to the towers, if you live in a valley, your reception may be degraded. 
  • The TV for Free gets information from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and sometimes there is a lag between when they update their information and when TV for Free is updated.
  • Some stations broadcast at a lower strength so reception can be inconsistent.
  • Contact Mohu’s customer support (1.855.446.6648) or with your full address and zip code and they can run an in-depth signal report before you purchase an antenna.


2. My amplified antenna’s reception is getting worse. Can that be fixed?


Yes.  Check with the tool our on website to see what channels you should be receiving at your location. If you are receiving significantly fewer channels then try an “amp test.”

  • The Mohu Leaf Ultimate or Curve 50 comes with an amplifier. If the amplifier is faulty it can interfere with TV reception. If reception has been fine for a while and then all of a sudden reception becomes choppy or “glitchy,” then there is most likely an amp issue and you should run the amp test.
  • To perform the amp test start by removing the amp completely. Don’t just unplug it, but remove the entire accessory altogether. Connect the antenna and coaxial cable directly into the TV set. Perform another channel scan using the TV remote and note the results. If there is an improvement in reception with the amp removed, then most likely the amp is causing your problems and it should be replaced.
  • Please contact Mohu Customer Support toll free at 1.855.446.6648 if you believe your amp is not working properly based on this test. We can estimate what channels you should be receiving at your location and make a final determination as to the operation of your amplifier. Mohu will replace any defective components on new products for up to one year from initial purchase.


3.  Improve reception: place your Leaf or Leaf Ultimate in a window for better reception


The Mohu Leaf and Mohu Leaf Ultimate were designed to be placed above AND behind your television (not just behind the TV). A general rule of thumb for antenna placement is the higher you can place it, the better reception you will have.


When you place your Leaf or Leaf Ultimate behind and above your TV on a wall or bookcase do a channel scan to see how clear your reception is and how many channels you receive. If you are not sure how to do a channel scan, contact the TV manufacturer directly as set-ups can vary.  If you are getting clear reception on the channels that broadcast in your area then you are done.


If you think your reception can be improved, then try placing your Leaf or Leaf Ultimate in a window and redo the channel scan. You may need more coaxial cable (coax) to connect the antenna to the TV. Any good quality coax will work, or you can buy matching coax on Mohu’s website.


Leaf –If the coaxial cable that came with your antenna isn’t long enough, you can use up to 25’ of coaxial cable. Any more than 25’ of coax will degrade the signal.


Leaf Ultimate—Plug the additional coax directly into your TV so it is between the amplifier and the TV. Keep in mind the amplifier will still need a power source.


Once you are all set up with your antenna in the window, do another channel scan. If your reception has improved you are almost all done.  Reward yourself with some Mohu-provided couch surfing.


A final note about window placement. When you get your Leaf or Leaf Ultimate in the window and you are happy with the reception, make sure the WHITE side faces outside so the antenna absorbs less heat from the sun. In addition, TAPE all four corners of your antenna to the window so it doesn’t curl (clear packing tape is fine). If the antenna curls up, it will degrade reception.



4. Metal and earth can interfere with reception


If placing the antenna in the window and redoing the channel scan doesn’t improve reception, keep reading. There are some quirks to window placement you should know. The main thing to keep in mind is that metal interferes with reception.


Anything metal near the window will block the signal or cause poor reception, so be aware of the following:

  • Make sure there are no metal bars on the window
  • Make sure there is no metal bug screen on the window. A vinyl screen is okay.
  • If your antenna is placed near a balcony, make sure there isn’t a metal railing on the balcony.
  • If your window is a double-paned metallic auto-tinting glass window it will block signals. In that case, place a Leaf high up on a wall or move a Curve away from that window.


Any time you move your antenna, do a channel scan to see if reception has improved. If reception is gets worse after moving the Leaf  Ultimate or Curve 50 closer to a window and you are certain there is no metal interfering, consider doing an “amp test.”


There are some homes where the Leaf or Curve MUST be placed in or near a window because there will be too much metal surrounding it if it is placed on a wall. Some examples include:

  • Mobile homes
  • Homes with aluminum siding
  • Homes with stucco siding (metal mesh is used to attach the stucco to the house)
  • Apartment buildings or condos in large metro areas (NY, LA, Chicago, etc.)—the Leaf or Leaf Ultimate MUST be in a window because the metal in surrounding buildings can block TV signals.
  • RVs, trucks and cars.


A special note about basements: The earth, while made of dirt and not metal, will also block TV signals. If your basement has windows above ground, place the antenna in the window. If that doesn’t provide good reception, try moving the antenna higher, either by taping it to the basement ceiling near the window, or moving it up one floor and running the coaxial cable down to the basement TV. Remember to redo the channel scan every time you move the antenna.


Please contact Mohu Customer Support toll free at 1.855.446.6648 Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm EST if you have further questions, or email us at Our friendly support staff is here to help.


5. Bad weather can interfere with reception


A regular rainfall shouldn’t affect reception. However, high winds, fog and heavy rain can interfere with reception because they affect how the TV signals reach your antenna. There is nothing wrong with the antenna so wait until the weather clears up and reception should improve.






Sky HDTV Antenna


▶ What is the range of the Sky?

The Sky is recommended for use within 60+ miles (UHF) and 45+ miles (VHF) of transmission towers. If you are unsure of your distance from the towers or are curious as to what channels transmit in UHF and VHF at your location, please contact for a signal strength reading.

▶ What are my mounting options?

The Sky is designed to be mounted in either your attic or on the outside of your house, preferably on the roof. Most users will receive the best signal the higher they mount the antenna. We recommend using the supplied mounting bracket for optimized performance. We do not recommend mounting against a wall or placing it horizontally. It was designed to stand vertically.

▶ Can the Sky be used if I have aluminum siding or a metal roof?

As long as the Sky is mounted outside, away from the siding or above the metal roof, it will work. It is possible, however, that signal blockage or scattering from the metal roof may occur.

▶ What is the maximum cable length I can use before the signal starts to degrade?

Additional cable length would depend on how close you are to the maximum mileage threshold in relation to the transmitters in your area. It will matter less if you are closer to the towers. Please contact for a signal strength reading to determine what you can expect.

▶ Is the Sky weather resistant?

Yes. The Sky antenna is water and lightning resistant.

▶ Can I distribute the signal to more than one TV?

Yes. By using a RF splitter (not included), the signal can distribute to two televisions. If you distribute to multiple televisions, an amplified splitter (distribution amp) is recommended. When using any splitter, please note that the pigtail would plug into the splitter input instead of the television.

▶ Can I use the Sky with my existing antenna, cable, or satellite system?

If you have an existing over-the-air (OTA) antenna system, the Sky can replace it. However, the Sky power injector will need to be placed ahead of any power splitters in your existing antenna system. If you already have coax for a cable or satellite system, the Sky may be able to use that coax. The Sky power injector must be placed ahead of any power splitters or amplifiers in the system and the splitter must be capable of passing OTA TV signals (54-800 MHz). The Sky cannot be used at the same time as your cable or satellite system.You can download a diagram of the Sky installation and splitter diagram on the bottom of the Sky Product page.

▶ What is the product warranty on the Sky?

Our warranty is one year for all products. Please see our Warranty/Returns page for further details.

TIP: If you are unsure if the Sky will work at your location, we suggest connecting it to a TV on the highest floor of your home before mounting it permanently to see the minimum amount of channels you will receive. When mounting it permanently, place the Sky as high as you can. The Sky usually works optimally outside, results may vary.




Leaf and Leaf Ultimate


▶ What is the range of the Leaf® Antenna? What is the difference between the Leaf and the Leaf Ultimate™ ?

The Leaf – The original passive, non-powered, award winning indoor TV antenna. Now with a 10’ coaxial cable. Range is 35 miles for UHF and 10 miles for VHF.The Ultimate™ – An amplified powered indoor TV antenna with Clean Peak™ filter technology that removes unwanted RF signals and boosts the ones you want for the more difficult locations. Nothing like it on the market! Also with USB powering option and 16’ cable. Range is about 50 miles for UHF and 20 miles for VHF. Additional 5 dB gain than the Leaf Plus and improved filtering technology make it the best Leaf yet.Both are modeled after the discreet vehicular mudflap antenna designed by our engineering team for the U.S. Military.Please refer to our TV FOR FREE page to see what channels you can receive.

▶ Will The Leaf Work For Me?

The Leaf® is designed to work within 35 miles of the towers with the above criteria.The Leaf Ultimate is designed to “amplify” or boost the clarity of your picture when it falls into the moderate or yellow areas but also provides an additional 10 miles or so. However, the Leaf Ultimate may not work well if the location is within 3 miles of the broadcasting towers, as the strong signals can actually overload the amplifier of the Leaf Ultimate and may reduce the overall performance.▶ How much does the Leaf cost every month?
Nothing. The Leaf® Antenna is a one-time purchase. The Leaf® will allow you access to free OTA (Over the Air) network programming such as NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox (varies by location). There is no monthly fee.

▶ I heard that the Leaf doesn’t receive VHF or Hi-V band stations. Is this true?

This is false. The Leaf® does receive VHF or Hi-V stations. The Leaf® is optimized for UHF stations, which comprises about 95% of the TV stations today. The Leaf® will still receive VHF stations but it will not be able to receive them from as far away as the UHF band stations.

▶ I have a flat screen TV, does this mean that my TV is digital ready? Do I need a digital-ready TV to use the Leaf Antenna?

Yes, your TV does need to be digital ready. Many users mistakenly assume that their flat screen, high-definition TV is automatically digital ready, when it may not be. Please check your television manual to see if your TV supports ATSC tuning.

▶ Can I use the Leaf Antenna with an old standard definition (SD) TV?

Yes. To use the Leaf® with an SDTV you will need a digital converter box. Any HD programming that you receive will be displayed on your television in SD quality.

▶ Can I get Hulu Plus, Netflix, and streaming content through my Leaf Antenna?

No, the Leaf Antenna® is not a streaming device, and functions only as an antenna to receive Over-The-Air (OTA) High Definition Broadcast TV signals. You will need a streaming device (i.e. Roku, D-Link Boxee Box, or gaming console) to utilize Hulu Plus and/or Netflix. Your Leaf® and your streaming device should be viewed as complimentary products and are connected to your television through different input jacks. You will be able to switch between the two with your television remote.

▶ Can I use an extension cable to extend the coaxial of the Leaf to acquire a more suitable location for my Leaf?

Yes. Just make sure to use 75 Ohm coaxial cable such as RG-6 or RG-11, low-loss versions of these are preferred. Running a cable greater than 25ft may degrade your antenna’s performance.

▶ Can I use a splitter to connect the Leaf Antenna to more than one TV?

We recommend that you use one Leaf® per TV. The splitter divides the received signal strength between each TV which may mean that you may not get all of the channels you would get otherwise.

▶ Can I combine two Leaf Antennas to get a stronger signal?

No. Two antennas will not result in a stronger signal, and will not enhance results.

▶ What is the Mohu™ return policy?

You can return your Mohu™ product purchased on our site for a full product refund within 30 days of purchase. The customer is responsible for the return shipping charges, which typically runs between $3-$5, however there is no re-stocking fee or other handling charge for your return.


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