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The Cord Cutting Company

Since introducing the Leaf antenna in March 2011, we’ve helped cord cutters save more than $300 million by reducing or eliminating their costly monthly cable and satellite bills. We’re proud to offer a full line of HDTV antennas, which were developed to provide folks with choice depending on their location and distance from broadcast towers and aesthetic preferences, from our flagship Leaf 30 to the world’s greenest TV antenna ReLeaf, sleek attic/outdoor Sky 60, and everything in between. But our passions aren’t limited to building HDTV antennas. We’ve most recently channeled our energies into developing AirWave, the first wireless OTA+OTT device with Free TV Everywhere, bridging free over-the-air broadcast television with free, over-the-top streaming content. Beyond building simple, game-changing products, we’re also striving to reduce the complexities of ditching cable with Untangle.TV, our cord cutting recommendation tool. And we’re just getting started.

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Mohu ReLeaf

Made from Recycled Materials

Mohu ReLeaf is the industry’s first and only green HDTV antenna made of 30% post-consumer recycled paper materials and 100% plastic from discarded cable set-top boxes, meeting all FTC guidelines on environmental product claims. Built to help consumers “go greener” by realizing greater financial savings and using eco-friendly consumer electronics, ReLeaf was created to counteract the tremendous cable byproduct and energy waste damaging the planet every year. ReLeaf is a USA-made product, with many materials sourced locally in North Carolina, near Mohu’s Raleigh headquarters.

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Mohu AirWave

Free TV Everywhere

Mohu AirWave is the first ever TV device that combines live and local broadcasts with free streaming video. This innovative wireless antenna features ClearPix technology that dynamically improves image reception. You can set it up anywhere, play it on any device, and cut the cord for good.

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CORD CUTTING – There’s an app for that.

Deciding to cut cable is a no-brainer, but actually doing so can be a headache. Untangle.TV eliminates the hassle in just a few simple steps. Tell us what you watch, and we’ll recommend the best combination of devices and services to suit you.

Learn more: Untangle.TV


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