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Due to the circumstances around COVID-19, our office is closed until further notice.

Our warehouse is open and will continue to ship online orders.

Technical support for our products is available over Live Chat or you can send us an email at support@gomohu.com.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times.

Our Team

Mohu is a collection of talented, creative, and dedicated people brought together to execute one very simple mission: deliver simple, intuitive, game-changing products that enrich the lives of our customers.

Mark Buff

CEO & Founder

Mark Buff started his career at a global telecom company where he developed a passion for computer engineering and went on to complete his master’s degree at North Carolina State University. During his studies, Mark was inspired by a course in radio frequency design to pursue his doctorate in and create his first Raleigh, North Carolina-based company, Greenwave Scientific. Greenwave Scientific was a bootstrapped entity that researched and developed covert antennas for military ground vehicles and is now parent company to Mohu, a leading HDTV antenna provider.

The research Mark conducted at this company focused on detecting, neutralizing and defeating IEDs to protect the HMMWVs and MRAPs from being targeted. This was part of an important initiative to protect men & women in combat. While at Greenware Scientific, Mark recognized a major opportunity on the consumer side of the antenna industry and transformed the military technology into Mohu’s first TV antenna – the Mohu Leaf. Much like the antennas Mark designed to fit on the mudflaps of US Military ground vehicles, the Leaf is a paper-thin, indoor HDTV antenna that gathers over-the-air broadcast TV signals and delivers them to your TV. The Leaf soon became the highest-rated and best-selling HDTV antenna that it is today.

Mark received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from NCSU in 2006, his MS in Computer Engineering in 2004 and his BS in Electrical Engineering in 1994.

Tammy Wisotzkey

  • Oversee financial and accounting operations, including financial analysis, budgeting/forecasting, general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and banking functions.
  • Accounting/Finance professional with broad experience in corporate accounting and finance, audit controls, and business/operations management. Talent for proactively managing financial performance including implementing cost-saving measures, evaluating rate of return / value added and identifying risks and opportunities.
  • Specialties: Cost Accounting, Billing & Collections, Budgeting & Forecasting, Contractual Governance, Audit Controls, Acquisition Integration, Purchasing, and System Implementation

John Crabill


As Chief Marketing Officer for Mohu, John leads the marketing efforts of this consumer electronics company as it transforms from a start-up manufacturing firm to a disruptive brand. He brings a positive, entrepreneurial spirit to challenges due to direct experiences founding and growing startups and teams into significant entities. Mohu’s marketing team is now widely recognized as one of the most significant voices in spreading cord-cutting awareness.

John has over 20 years of experience leading ecommerce, branding and creative initiatives for major companies like Nike, adidas, Puma, Under Armour, FIFA, Yahoo, MasterCard, Anheuser-Busch, Soccer.com, Herman Miller, and Simmons Bedding. Known for user interface design, marketing communications, development, social media, project management and strategic planning, he has been honored with the NCR Panel of Peers Award for Creative Excellence.

John earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition from East Carolina University, graduating magna cum laude. He lives with his wife Stacy and their two children in Hillsborough, NC.

Paul Burgess

Vice President of Sales
  • 30-Years Consumer Electronics experience in Manufacturing and Retail, emphasizing collaboration while executing strategic vision, and excelling at creating high-performance sales and marketing teams.
  • VP, Home Entertainment Merchandising – HH Gregg; VP, Regional Accounts – Panasonic; Director of National Accounts – LG Electronics

David Dahlsveen

Senior Software Engineer
  • B.S. in Computer Science from UC Santa Barbara
  • Proficient with Linux, ARM core development, C/C++, board bring ups, driver development, abstraction layers, IP networking protocols, cellular protocols, IoT embedded development

Matt Polmanteer

Manager of R&D
  • B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of South Carolina
  • Proficient in C#/C/C++, NodeJS, Typescript, Web Development, SQL and Python
  • Often moonlights as a Swiss Army Knife, enjoys baking and Yoga

Julie Rashid

Staff Accountant/Human Resources

B.S. in Business Management from UNC Charlotte
Pursued a career in Human Resources, then added Accounting to the mix five years ago.
Enjoys cooking, reading, and traveling.

Carol Bushee

Accounts Receivable & Payroll Specialist
  • Nearly 25 years in finance, specializing in accounting, accounts receivable and payroll.
  • Began career with The Body Shop, part of the L’Oreal family and a leading global cosmetics and skin care company with more than 3,000 stores in 68 countries. As a Jr. Staff Accountant, handled accounts receivable for The Body Shop USA at the company’s US headquarters located in North Carolina.

Emma Brothers

Social Media Manager

What I Do: Serve as the voice of Mohu online, support business strategies through marketing communications, and manage e-commerce accounts.
Where I Came From: A recent graduate from East Carolina University, I earned a BSBA with a dual concentration in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. Personally cut the cord when I picked up a Leaf antenna in 2015.
What Makes Me, Me: I’m the best at convincing coworkers to get Mexican food for lunch.

Christine Buff

Affiliate Marketing Manager
  • Develop and execute marketing programs that supports and recruits new affiliates. I interface with product marketing, eCommerce teams and marketing communications to roll out different affiliate marketing initiatives, including performing marketing research on potential affiliate partners, monitoring affiliates & associated programs, and nurturing partner relationships.

Matt Cooper

Web Designer
  • More than nine years in a production environment, working in many formats — from Illustrator vectors, photo retouching, and printed publications to banner ads and web design. I enjoy taking 3D graphics and seamlessly integrating them into our print, video and web design pipelines.
  • I also like to play with motion graphics and video editing as a way to reach across many different media formats to reach target audiences.

Austin Samples

Director of Engineering
  • Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer and Electrical Engineering with a Master’s in in Electrical Engineering. With nearly eight years of experience in engineering and supply chain management, Austin helped design and manufacture the original Mohu Leaf Antenna, which is now one of the top selling TV antennas on the market.
  • Utilizes leading edge technology in conductive films, plastic converting, injection molding, RF amplifier design, enterprise IT security, and material distribution systems to continuously improve the company’s products and mitigate supply chain risk.

Neil Allen

Director of Operations
  • More than six years of management experience in manufacturing, sales and purchasing. Six Sigma, Lean, and S5 experience with a thorough understanding of Capacity Planning and MRP systems.
  • International and domestic procurement experience with expertise in supply chain management, inventory control, production and contract sales.

LuAnn Dickinson

Production Manager
  • One of the earliest Mohu team members, joining in January 2012 responsible for build forecast management and production management.
  • Responsibilities and specialties include manufacturing, inventory management, production planning, forecasting, supply chain management, and more.

Mike Cannon

Director of Sales
  • Over twenty years of experience in consumer products account management, business development, sales management, and marketing.
  • National Sales Manager – Haier America; Director of Sales – Funai Corporation; District Sales Manager – Samsung

Joe Schramel

Director of Strategic Account Development
  • 16+ years Consumer Electronics experience in Manufacturing and Retail, creating and implementing new business models, new product development, and creating innovative solutions
  • Director of National Accounts – Hisense, Director of New Business Development – Funai, TV Buyer – Best Buy

John Vannucchi

Customer Service Representative
Sales & Service
  • A walking, talking map of US broadcast towers, John is both knowledgeable and passionate about free over-the-air television. And he channels that knowledge and passion into providing Mohu’s customers and prospective customers with an exceptional experience.
  • Previously a member of the Dark Side, John worked as a Technical Support representative with Time Warner Cable before shedding his cable roots and joining the Mohu team.

Michelle Gill

Customer Sales & Service
Sales & Service

Despite the misconception that a female can’t be a technician, Michelle is a member of the Mohu customer support team. She knows antennas like the back of her hand after 2 years of experience in the production department. Michelle has had many years of customer service experience but enjoys helping all customers across the states.

Erik Kelley

Customer Service Representative
Sales & Service
  • B.A. in International/Global Studies from North Carolina State University, where he also studied Japanese and Chinese languages. Studied abroad at Zhejiang University.
  • As a member of the Sales & Service team, assists customers with selecting which Mohu product best suits their needs based on a variety of factors as well as troubleshooting why their product may not be working as expected.
  • Previously a Senior Technical Advisor with Xerox, where I provided technical assistance over the phone to Apple iPhone, iPod, and iPad customers; empowered by Apple to make the final decision regarding the resolution of a customer’s issue and what could and could not be done; multitasked so as to handle multiple customers’ issues at one time.
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