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Leaf® Metro Indoor HDTV Antenna

Price: $19.99

Plug the included 10 ft. high-performance digital cable into the back of your television

Place Leaf Metro in a desired location

Scan for channels in your television menu

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ReLeaf™ 30 Mile Indoor HDTV Antenna Made With Recycled Materials

Price: $39.99


Height: 9 in.

Width: 11.5 in.

Depth: approximately 1/16 inch

Product details:

10’ coaxial cable included

30 mile digital UHF signal range, 10 mile

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Leaf® 30 Indoor HDTV Antenna

Price: $39.99

 Free Shipping when you buy two 

Most popular and best rated indoor antenna on the market

The Leaf 30 Indoor Antenna is proudly made in the

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Leaf® 50 Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna

Price: $69.99

From the makers of the best-selling Leaf HDTV antenna

Modeled after a discrete mud flap antenna designed for the U.S. Military

Most reliable and innovative antenna on

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Curve® 30 Indoor HDTV Antenna

Price: $49.99

Crisp, clear picture in full 1080

Multidirectional antenna

Easy installation: lay flat or stand upright

30 mile range

Includes 10 ft. cable and stand

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Curve® 50 Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna

Price: $79.99

Amplified with Clean Peak™ filter technology: most sophisticated amplifier on the market that removes unwanted RF signals and boosts the ones you want


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Sky® 60 Attic / Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Price: $149.99

A completely new take on the traditional roof top / attic mounted antenna

Multidirectional: Does not have to be pointed

Based on technology developed for the US

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BeBox Recall

Mohu has recalled all BeBox units. Click here for more information.

Cord Cutting 101

Find out how to ditch your dish and cut your cable!

Best of TV for Free

Did you know?

94 of the Top 100 watched shows are available Over-The-Air in stunning 1080 High Definition, and they are absolutely free when you receive them with a Mohu antenna!

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Coming Soon: AirWave

Free TV Everywhere. This game-changing wireless device integrates live, local TV with free streaming channels.

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