Streaming Comes Up Big with Emmy Nominations

In addition to the dozens of over-the-air TV series and actors that received Emmy nominations, streaming original series had an equally impressive showing.

Cordcutter Sports Schedule Week of July 18

Summer of sports for cord cutters continues, with ongoing coverage of Tour de France and MLB regular season games to hold us over until the Olympics.

55 Over-the-Air TV Nominations for the 2016 Emmy Awards

The nominations are in for the 2016 Emmy Awards, and the real winners are cord cutters with 55 nominations for over-the-air TV series, specials, & actors.

Netflix Summer 2016 Binge Watching Guide

From Original Series to documentaries, TV for kids and teens, and more. Check out our guide to what to stream on Netflix this summer.

Cord Cutter's TV Guide for July 2016

Summer is finally in full swing as the hot days of July have arrived across the United States. So why not stay home today in with the AC on fully with your antenna and favorite streaming player. Many of these shows are available with an antenna on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC,…

Watch the MLB All-Star Game, Tour de France and the British Open

How to Watch Baseball, Cycling, and Golf Without a Costly Cable Bill The Tour de France keeps rolling on this week as we say goodbye to Wimbledon and give a big hello to the British Open and the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. If you love watching sports without…

Keep Up With the Republican and Democratic Conventions

Here’s how cord cutters can follow the latest news with what’s happening at the Republican & Democratic conventions without needing cable or satellite.

Cord Cutter's July Sports Guide: Tour de France, MLB, Euro 2016 and Wimbledon

Watching Baseball, Soccer, Tennis and even Cycling in July without a Cable Bill Good news cord cutters! We’ve got an exciting lineup of matches this week as our summer of sports continues. Both Euro 2016 and the world famous Wimbledon comes to a close this weekend; but…

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