Can Cord Cutters Watch Wimbledon 2016? (Hint: Yes)

Thanks to a variety of streaming services, cord cutters have multiple options for watching Wimbledon 2016 without a lengthy cable or satellite subscription.

Summer of Sports: Copa America, Euro 2016, MLB

Watching MLB, Copa America Centenario & Euro 2016 Online and OTA – Week 2 Stepping into late June, our Summer of Sports series is really heating up. The NBA Finals have concluded (Big Congratulations to Cleveland!) as well has the NHL Stanley Cup. This week…

Beyond the big networks, what can you get with your antenna?

You probably know you can receive the big networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC) with an antenna, but there are plenty of other networks available to you for free.

Cord Cutter's Guide to a Summer of Sports: Euro 2016, US Open, MLB, and more

Kicking Off the Summer of Sports Series with MLB, Soccer, and Golf – Week 1 Our Summer of Sports series kicks off this week with a fantastic lineup of events and match-ups to keep you busy through the weekend. The best part? Not a singe thing on our list…

Watch the 2016 US Open Championship Without Cable

Why Cord Cutting Golf Fans Can’t Wait for the Tournament to Begin The US Open starts this week, and if you’re a cord cutting golf fan you’re probably wondering how you can catch all of the action without an onerous cable subscription. If so, then I’ve got good news for…

Watching Hockey, Basketball and Soccer Without a Cable Bill

How Many Games Can you Watch with Your Antenna? What Streaming Services do you Need to Fill in the Gaps? – Week 6 We’ve got an exciting set of spring sports for you this week, where we discuss how to watch your favorite sports without a cable bill.

The Golden State…

8 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your HDTV Antenna

From finding your antenna’s sweet spot to switching your coaxial cable, these tips will help you maximize your over-the-air TV experience.

Can You Watch Copa America Centenario with an Antenna?

Cord cutters can enjoy the 100th anniversary of Copa America without cable. Just an antenna and an internet connection will get you all the action.

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