Celebrating Earth Day 2017 and One Year of ReLeaf

We’re celebrating Earth Day 2017 and the one year anniversary of ReLeaf, looking at the impact ReLeaf has had on the environment and pay TV industry so far.

Dissatisfaction with Pay TV Companies a Bipartisan Issue

Ever open your cable or satellite bill to find your rate has skyrocketed? Plenty of pain points unite Americans in their dissatisfaction with Pay TV.

Cord Cutter’s Guide to the 2017 NBA Playoffs

Everything you need to know to watch the 2017 NBA Playoffs without cable or satellite, from free broadcasts and free streams to paid streaming services.

The Cord Cutter’s Guide to the 2017 NHL Playoffs

Spring is in full-swing, which means hockey season is coming to a close. For fans without cable, you have plenty of ways to watch the 2017 NHL Playoffs.

Spring Streaming and Over-the-Air TV Premieres: April 2017

From new comedies to in-depth documentaries, there’s something for everyone to enjoy this month. Check out April’s OTA and streaming TV premieres.

Cord Cutter Guide to Watching the 2017 Masters

Cord cutters have plenty of ways to watch the 2017 Masters golf tournament action both online and on your TV using live streams and your antenna.

How many free TV channels can you receive? It could be over 100

The top 10 cities in the US have an average of 80 free TV channels available over the air using an antenna. How many channels can you receive in your area?

March Madness 2017: Full Schedule, Game Times, and Match-Ups

A complete guide to every round of the 2017 March Madness college basketball tournament, including match-ups, game times, and TV schedule.

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