Introducing: Mohu’s New Signature Grey Collection!

Even as TV viewing options continue to evolve, over-the-air (OTA) TV antennas have remained a steadfast choice for consumers, providing cost-effective and dependable entertainment. At Mohu, our trend-setting line of indoor TV antennas is the industry gold standard for low-profile antennas, and we work continuously to improve the products that consumers welcome into their homes.

This year, we identified the need to modernize our family of TV antennas and decided it was time to bring a fresh look to our signature products.

INTRODUCING our new Grey Collection — our most popular indoor TV antennas have been mindfully reimagined with a contemporary aesthetic in a warm grey color that complements all environments. They are the same antennas you know and love from Mohu, just retouched with modern updates to match your home’s interior – it’s everything you want in an antenna!

In addition to the aesthetic updates, we also made technical enhancements to our TV antennas, most notably by incorporating an attached coaxial cable. While detachable cables certainly have their merits, they can occasionally cause signal interruptions, become loose over time, or create opportunities for weak connections. By integrating the coaxial cable directly into the antenna we’ve eliminated one installation step for you, while feeding a more efficient signal connection to your TV.

Our new Grey Collection is available for purchase on our website TODAY! More details on each product are featured below.

Mohu Leaf: The Original Ultra-Thin indoor TV antenna with an upgraded style that is both appealing and blends in. 40-mile range.

Mohu Leaf Amplified: Our signature model is now paired with our Jolt Switch in-line USB amplifier for 60-mile range and signal boost you control in real time.

Mohu Gateway: An elegant addition to your TV setup with smooth, contoured features and an adaptable stand for tabletop or wall mount. 40-mile range.

Mohu Gateway Plus: Sleek, contoured design keeps a low profile with FirstStage amplification and LED signal indicator lights built in for the most efficient signal amplification and reception. 60-mile range.

Mohu Curve Amplified: Sometimes you need a boost, sometimes you don’t – get the best of both worlds with the Jolt Switch all-in-one solution as the perfect complement to the perfect indoor antenna. 60-mile range.