Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro named the best overall TV antenna of 2024 by CBS News

Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro: The CBS News Best Overall TV Antenna of 2024

Whether you’ve already cut the cord or are starting to investigate what steps you need to take to kick cable to the curb, a TV antenna is the #1 item you need in your cord cutting toolbox. Start watching your favorite network shows, sports, news, special events and more live and for free with a TV antenna!

Now, how do you get started choosing an antenna? The best antenna for you will of course depend on your location and distance to the towers. With a little bit of research, you can be watching ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, The CW, PBS and more in no time. Speaking of research, CBS News put some of the most popular antennas on the market to the test and recently named our Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro the Best Overall TV Antenna of 2024!

“The Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro indoor HDTV antenna is our pick for the best overall digital TV antenna. It delivers crisp, over-the-air TV signals, with an impressive 65-mile range. With its great picture and reliable functionality, it’s established itself as one of the most powerful amplified indoor TV antennas available.”

CBS News

Enjoy the simplicity of an indoor antenna with the strong signal reception of an outdoor TV antenna. Our FirstStage amplifier is located right at the antenna, where the signal is at its best, for enhanced TV reception. It also features an integrated signal indicator with LED lights to help you find the right location to receive signals for a more stable connection. The Leaf Supreme Pro is multi-directional, which means no aiming is necessary, taking the guess work out of the installation process. Easy to install, slim and powerful, it doesn’t get much better! Simply connect the antenna, scan for channels and start enjoying LIVE TV for FREE in minutes.

A big thank you to the kind people over at CBS News for putting the antennas to the test and naming our Leaf Supreme Pro the best of the best. Need help choosing the best antenna for you? Give our customer service a call at 877-825-5572 for a free signal analysis for your location.