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Comcast Employee Hosts a reddit AMA, Candidly Answers Questions

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Have you heard of reddit?

It’s one of those Internet hubs where anonymous people gather to talk about anything and everything. Sometimes reddit conversations boil down to debauchery (and cat photos), whilst other times they bring about professionals that are just fed up with their jobs.

A recent conversation topic, specifically an AMA (“ask me anything”), on reddit involved a Comcast customer service representative. So, what happens when a Comcast employee hosts a reddit AMA? In this chat, the rep basically admits to everything the public already knew — mainly that major cable companies don’t appear to care about their customers or their staff.

In this revealing exposè, user Matato0513 (who proved his/her identity by confirming employment status with moderators) comes clean about various practices that you may or may not have known about. Here are some select quotes that may catch your attention:

When asked about management caring about public opinion:

Well they don’t really care at all they carry on business as usual. Sometimes they will try to make you feel a little better throwing a promotion here and there but at the end the higher ups only care about themselves.

When asked about how they treat employees:

It’s not just the higher ups it’s the whole way we operate from [censored] schedules to overnight shifts, no transportation for employees, the health conditions of the office we work at, the most [censored] thing I believe we have is the way they want is to do everything without any tools available and if you don’t do it their way they make your life miserable until you are basically forced to quit.

With a sobering follow-up comment:

I would have quit more than a year ago, truth is I can’t afford to quit. 🙁

He/she was asked if Comcast could ever turn it around, given their negative public image:

Honestly no. The way Google fiber is taking over is a death a sentence for comcast. I mean you could dress up a monkey in a suit it’ll still be a monkey.

…and even provides insight into the company culture:

I stopped caring about 2 weeks into the job.

This is a saddening state of affairs. We can’t fault the employee for being unhappy, but we can point our fingers at the cable company and say, “No more.”

  • No more treating your employees like robots
  • No more shady business tactics
  • No more overpriced TV packages
  • No more illusion of choice

Band together, Mohuligans, and help us fight these corporate giants. It helps to have an awesome HDTV antenna for free 1080i TV. It also helps if you cut your cords and send a message to Comcast.

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