Indoor HDTV Antenna Review- CNET
  • CNET "But, holy crap, the Leaf® works like magic. In my aforementioned basement, my TV picked up every local station and tuned them in at nearly full signal strength."
Indoor HDTV Antenna Review- CNBC
  • CNBC "Mohu's original Leaf HDTV antenna was top of class for its unobtrusive design and quality. This upgrade features an amplifier that increases your signal range and improves the quality of over-the-air HDTV signals."
Indoor HDTV Antenna Review- FOX
  • FOX "With an antenna, people can get over-the-air channels; and with a media streaming device, they can get some movies and TV episodes. The unobtrusive Mohu Leaf antenna ($40) can work with any HDTV, old or new."
Indoor HDTV Antenna Review- USA Today
  • USA TODAY "Taking shape after its name, Mohu's Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna is remarkably thin, modeled after a military mud flap antenna design. The multidirectional antenna can be secured to the wall with thumb tacks or even tape."
Indoor HDTV Antenna Review- Discovery
  • DISCOVERY NEWS "The $39.99 Mohu Leaf - an $89.99 Ultimate version adds a separate signal amplifier - is barely bigger than an 8 1/2-by-11 piece of paper and comes in plain black or white."
Indoor HDTV Antenna Review- LIFE
  • LIFEHACKER "Cutting the cable and switching to streaming video doesn't mean you have to miss out on the wealth of free, local, over-the-air HD TV channels in your area."
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