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5 Reasons To Cut The Cord This Holiday Season

Are you still on the fence about cutting the cord with cable TV?

Check out my list of 5 Reasons To Cut The Cord This Holiday Season and then be prepared to get your scissors out.

Reason #1: You will have more quality time with your pets.

They miss your attention when you insist on channel surfing through 300 channels only to find you still can’t decide on something to watch.

Put down the remote and cuddle up on the couch with your furry friend. Share in the joy of a mellow evening at home watching a thoughtfully chosen holiday special on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, PBS or another over air channel.

You’ll be happier and so will your pet!

Reason #2: All your yuletide favorites are available for FREE over air!

Did you know that Christmas in Rockefeller Center, Shrek The Halls, Elf, Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and It’s a Wonderful Life are but only a few of the holiday programming available to you for free over air in HD.  Click here for’s Holiday Guide to all the shows now through New Year’s Day.

Reason #3: Cut the cord & you are likely to enjoy more holiday-related pursuits.

There are parties to attend, snowmen to build and kid’s Christmas concerts to endure. Get out out there! Interact with people and embrace the holiday spirit. Donate to charities and shop for gifts. You’ll be able to do both with the money you’ve saved not having cable TV.

Reason #4: Cordcutters have cool toys.

The first toy you buy to cut the cord is a Mohu HDTV antenna. The ultra-thin Leaf 30 Indoor HDTV Antenna which can be painted to match your decor, or perhaps a Curve 50 Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna which looks suspiciously like a cool piece of artwork.

Whichever Mohu antenna you choose you’ll be amazed by how beautifully it works to pull in all your local broadcast TV station programming in stunning high definition.

Add a fun streaming media box like a RokuAmazon Fire TV or Apple TV and gain access to free programming like Crackle and PlutoTV. Low cost subscription streaming media programming like Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu and Netflix is also available. If you want to record your free over air TV shows, Tablo and Channel Master have the toys for you!

Reason #5:  Cutting the cord instantly makes you the go-to friend for savings.

Yup. It happened to me.

I cut the cord, told a few people (friends and family mostly…) I’d done it with a Mohu HDTV antenna. At their urging I wrote a book about it (Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TVto share with others just how easy it is to cut the cord and save hundreds of dollars each year, without a loss of entertainment options.

After cutting the cord with cable TV I still watch all my favorite TV shows, local news, national news, sporting events like the Kentucky Derby, the World Series, the Super Bowl, the Olympics and so much more. I no longer pay for a bunch of channels I never watched anyway, and I save $1200 a year.

For the holidays and beyond, cut the cord and celebrate the savings! It’s one holiday gift you will never want to return.