Forbes Top Picks for Best TV Antennas

Forbes Top Picks for Best TV Antennas

In the ever-evolving landscape of home entertainment, the simplicity and affordability of TV antennas continue to capture the attention of consumers seeking high-quality, free over-the-air broadcast television. Forbes’ latest roundup of the best TV antennas for 2024 has brought two standout Mohu antennas into the spotlight: the Mohu Leaf 50 and the Mohu Leaf Supreme […]

Mohu: The Best TV antennas of 2024

The Best TV antennas of 2024

We’re kicking off the New Year with some rave reviews on Mohu TV antennas! It’s always nice to hear positive feedback on our antennas, but starting the year with so many of our antennas being featured as the best of 2024, we’re beaming ear to ear! Here’s a look at some of the recent articles […]

TV antennas reimagined in TWEED from Mohu! Introducing the Mohu LEAF Stich, The Versa and the Vibe Amplified TV antennas

Introducing: Mohu’s New Grey Tweed Line of TV Antennas

We’re at it again! We’re excited to announce THREE new TV antennas in Grey Tweed! They’re everything you want in an antenna: the reliable performance you know and love from our brand, mindfully reimagined with a contemporary aesthetic, soft features, and a tweed textured finish that elevates your home entertainment installation and complements modern interiors. […]