CBS News Names the Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro the best overall TV antenna

CBS News Named the Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro The Best Overall TV Antenna

Football is officially back and that doesn’t mean you have to pay an arm and a leg for cable! CBS News recently shared an article: Best digital TV antennas: How to watch NFL games without cable or streaming services. If you’re struggling to figure out where and how to watch the games, this is a great guide.

“A digital TV antenna might be the touchdown you’re looking for. With a one-time investment, you can catch a good portion of all the on-field action on TV from major networks like NBC, Fox and CBS in crisp high-definition.”

CBS News

Not only does CBS News recommend TV antennas as a great way to watch the games, but they named the Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro Indoor HDTV antenna the best overall digital TV antenna for its crisp over-the-air TV signals and impressive 65-mile range. If you’re looking to upgrade your setup for football season, look no further!

With the Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro, enjoy the simplicity of an indoor antenna with the strong signal reception of an outdoor TV antenna. Our FirstStage amplifier is located right at the antenna, where the signal is at its best, for enhanced TV reception. It also features an integrated signal indicator with LED lights to help you find the right location to receive signals for a more stable connection.

The Leaf Supreme Pro is multi-directional, meaning no aiming is necessary. It is discreet, reversible and paintable. And it’s beyond easy to install. All you have to do is connect the antenna, scan for channels and start enjoying LIVE TV for FREE.

Thank you to CBS News for helping our football loving friends to see how they can watch the games live and for free. Pick up the best overall TV antenna today!