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Cord Cutting Success Stories – reddit /r/cordcutters

The cable companies are out beating the drums, trying to tell you it costs more to ditch cable than to keep your cable subscription. We could show you charts, graphs, and other great evidence to prove cord cutting is cheaper, sometimes by a lot, but we decided to let others do that for us.

Here are some cord cutting success stories from users over at /r/CordCutters on reddit who have saved a whole lot of money by cutting the cord:

/u/rrunning says they are saving $54.58 every month. Here is a great break down they posted of what they now pay:

  • Total up-front costs: $100 for antenna equipment, $53 for DVR/Media Center PC setup = $153
  • Total Monthly without sports: $21, including Netflix-which I already had
  • Total costs for sports subscriptions Yearly/ $129/$10.75
  • NHL Gamecast: $99/$8.25
  • NFL Sunday Ticket (package deal): $65/$5.42
  • NBA: $29/month during season- too expensive for my taste
  • Total new monthly costs: $37.42 ($45.42 including Netflix)
  • Total former cable bill: $92 ($100 including Netflix)
  • Total Savings: $54.58. Time to Payoff up-front costs: <2 months for antenna equip, <3 for DVR etc.

You can read the full post by clicking HERE.

/u/Martyf posted that he only spent $320.55 on video content in 2013.  Here is a breakdown of what he paid:

    • On demand Rentals: $80.74
    • Purchases (all downloads, no discs): $131.99
    • Netflix (streaming plan only @ 8.99 a month * 12 months): $107.88

Read the full post by clicking HERE.

/u/qp0n posted that in 2 years they have saved $3,360, or $1,680 per year.

Read the full post by clicking HERE.

/u/Cyber_Cowboy is now saving $115/month. Here is a little piece from his post:

    • “After literally years of trying to convince my wife we should cut the cord, we’re calling DirecTV and actually paying an early termination fee of $165 to save $115/month”

You can read the full post by clicking HERE.

/u/Mehworth posted they are saving over $150 a month on their bill.

    • “Ditching cable for an HD antenna was easily one of the best life choices I’ve ever made. It has saved my family over $150 a month.”

You can read the full post by clicking HERE.

If you are still on the fence about cutting the cord, message these cord cutters, or do some searching at /r/CordCutters subreddit.  You will find that, contrary to what the cable companies are saying, yes, many people save a nice chunk of money by canceling cable.

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