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Cordcutter Chronicles: News and Trends (Week of April 29th)

The Cordcutter Chronicles: Your weekly dose of what’s happening in cord cutting

  • Why an antenna is essential to your cord cutting setup
  • Young people are picking up on the antenna trend
  • The Kentucky Derby is Saturday
  • Mohu turned 10 this week!

Even if you stream, you need an antenna

As the cord cutting trend grows, so does the never-ending list of streaming services to choose from. However, it’s now more important than ever to have an antenna as part of your cord cutting setup. We explored the top five reasons to use an antenna: from picture quality to no worries of blackouts or outages.

Antenna use is rising

A new study came out showing that more people are using antennas, especially people ages 18-34. As more folks ditch Pay TV and search for inexpensive alternatives, antennas are increasingly popular choice. In fact, the report also shows that people spend 19% of their time watching TV via their antenna.

How to watch the Kentucky Derby

Get your hats out: the Kentucky Derby is Saturday! Because the race will be broadcast live on NBC, all you need to tune into the event is an over-the-air antenna. Streaming options like fuboTV or Sling TV are also good choices.

Mohu’s 10 Year Anniversary

This week, Mohu turned 10! We’re extremely proud of what our team has accomplished this past decade and are excited to see what the next 10 years have in store. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing customers and Mohuligans!

Mohu 10 cake for anniversary, It's not about counting the years, but making the years count