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Cordcutter Chronicles: News and Trends (Week of June 3rd)

The Cordcutter Chronicles: Your weekly dose of what’s happening in cord cutting

Cable and Internet at Bottom of Customer Satisfaction Survey

For the past few years, cable and internet companies have consistently ranked among the lowest in customer satisfaction. This year, they are yet again the most disliked companies. Out of a 100 point scale, the industries have been at an all time low of 62 the past two years.A chart shows which cable companies have the best rankings.

17 Local Channels Went Dark on AT&T Services

This past weekend, 17 local ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC channels blacked out for AT&T viewers. The stations suddenly became unavailable on DirecTV, DirecTV NOW and U-Verse. Blackouts like these are common as Pay TV companies dispute over new contracts. AT&T is supposedly working to reach a new deal with station owners, but until that happens, the local broadcast channels will stay unavailable.

The good news is you can pick up those stations for free with an antenna, without worry of a blackout.

New Report finds AT&T was Responsible for Pay TV’s Bad Q1

A new report shows that AT&T lost an estimated 744,000 subscribers last quarter. That makes up a whopping 85% of the entire industry’s reported losses. The report also estimates that AT&T will continue to make up the majority of Pay TV industry losses for the next three quarters.

Comparatively, Dish lost 259,000 subscribers last quarter. The report, which was conducted by Credit Suisse, expects Dish to lose fewer subscribers over the next two quarters.

Streaming Video Continues to Rise

A report published this week found that, for the first time, more people subscribe to streaming video than cable or satellite. There has a been a huge shift in the home entertainment industry as more people become cordcutters. Internet video services are growing in popularity, and several findings are showing the cordcutting trend has been breaking records.

As cordcutting continues to grow, it’s expected that streaming video companies’ revenue will grow 64% over the next five years to almost $24 billion annually. It also estimates that the Pay TV industry will lose 16% of its revenue over the same period.

Watch the Tony Awards without Pay TV

This Sunday, June 9th, marks the 73rd annual Tony Awards! The awards ceremony will be broadcast live on CBS at 8 PM EST. So, how can you tune in as a cordcutter?

Luckily, all you need to watch Broadway’s biggest night is an over-the-air antenna. Because CBS is broadcasting the Tonys, you can pick up the ceremony for free live.

You can also watch via the CBS All Access app, which comes with a free 1 week trial. There are several live TV streaming options as well, including Hulu, YouTube TV, and Sling. The good news is most of those services also offer a free trial.