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NHL Vegas Golden Knights: A Golden Opportunity as TV Ratings Have More Than Doubled on Free Broadcast TV

Earlier this year, the Vegas Golden Knights left AT&T to air their games on local Scripps-owned ION network KMCC-TV and have witnessed a significant surge in television viewership, with its TV ratings more than doubling on free broadcast TV. This is fantastic news for hockey lovers who can watch the games over-the-air with their HD TV antenna.

The NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights decision to embrace free broadcast TV for a deal with Scripps has proven to be a game-changer. By making games more accessible to a broader audience over-the-air, the Golden Knights have not only regained lost ground but also increased their chances to attract a new generation of fans.

“The viewership and engagement we are seeing for the Golden Knights this year have grown incredibly and should dispel any doubts about the power of an over-the-air broadcast channel to serve sports fans,” Scripps Sports President Brian Lawlor said. “The Golden Knights wanted to reach more of their fans, and they clearly are.”

The Golden Knights transition to free broadcast TV has provided the NHL with a much larger platform. As a result, their games are now readily available to households without access to cable or subscription-based services. This change in reach has led to increased exposure and a surge in over-the-air TV ratings.

“This partnership with Scripps Sports has allowed more of our fans to access our games on TV than ever before,” Golden Knights President Kerry Bubolz said. “With the team’s success as defending Stanley Cup champions and our 9-0-1 start, we couldn’t have asked for a better time to provide this enhanced access for our fans in the Las Vegas Valley and beyond.”

The rise of the Vegas Golden Knights to broadcast TV has been nothing short of extraordinary, and their success on network TV exemplifies the magic of sports in captivating audiences. Their journey serves as a testament to all broadcast TV networks of the enduring power of sports to unite fans and make free broadcasts a thrilling platform for viewers who watch with a TV antenna. If you don’t own an antenna, we have everything you need at Mohu. Or if you need help choosing the best antenna for your location, give our customer service a call at 877-825-5572. They can perform a free signal analysis at your location to help determine the best antenna for you.