image result of a metal trash can with a satellite dish and cable box inside the trash can

Satellite and Cable are Losing 14,000 Subscribers Each Day

It’s no surprise that cable and satellite are losing subscribers in record amounts. But a new report shows the worst of it: the Pay TV industry is losing 14,000 subscribers every single day.

More Bad News for Traditional TV

The first quarter in 2019 was the worst on record for Pay TV, and it looks like it won’t be get much better for the industry. According to numbers from the consultancy informitv, 1.28 million Americans dropped their cable/satellite subscriptions in Q1. The entire industry is down to just 81.9 million subscribers.

A statement from the informitv Multiscreen Index editor Dr. William Cooper says:

“There were losses across the top 10 television services in the United States, with even the DIRECTV NOW online service losing customers following previous heavy promotion. Between them, they lost over one-and-a-quarter million subscribers in three months. They still command a significant number of customers but the rate of attrition has increased.”

At this rate, it’s hard to see how things will end well for cable and satellite operators. Their attempts to stop the bleeding with streaming alternatives have not done much to help, as seen in earlier reports.