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What’s your Cord Cutter Story? Tell us and you could be featured

Over the years, we’ve heard story after story of people who reached their breaking point with cable or satellite. The costs always rising, the hidden fees, the poor customer service. Whatever the case, we’ve always enjoyed hearing about why you decided to take the plunge and cut the cord. Whether it’s cost savings or just to take more control over your TV experience.

But we don’t want to just selfishly enjoy these tales ourselves! We want to showcase your stories with the rest of the cord cutting world.

If you’ve got a story to tell, big or small, about how you came to be a cord cutter – we want to hear it! Leave a comment, share with us on social or email

We’ll periodically select a story from the submissions to post here on The Cordcutter blog as well as on our social accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you aren’t following us across the web yet, we’d love to have you join our communities!

Share Your Cord Cutter Story