Tips From Cord Cutters: Break Free From Your Cable Bill

Canceling cable can be scary at first, leaving you with a feeling of not knowing where to start. While there are tons of experts who will tell you to do this or that, we thought we would let you know what everyday cord cutters did and their tips to cut the cord.

So we…

Cord Cutting Guide for Hispanic American TV Viewers

If you’re a Hispanic American, then your cable television experience has probably been a bit disappointing. Aside from the usually poor service, overpriced and bloating subscription packages, and almost no choice in providers; there’s also the unequal representation of…

Setting up Kodi media center (formerly XBMC)

How to Set Up Kodi Media Center: Step-by-Step Visual Guide

In this age of digitization, almost everything is available; movies, music, you name it. If you want it, you can download it. The only downside to this digital world is the fact that many media companies don’t want you using “their” media on someone else’s device. So…

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