Tips From Cord Cutters Break Free From Your Cable Bill

Tips From Cord Cutters: Break Free From Your Cable Bill

Canceling cable can be scary at first, leaving you with a feeling of not knowing where to start. While there are tons of experts who will tell you to do this or that, we thought we would let you know what everyday cord cutters did and their tips to cut the cord.

So we reached out to the Cord Cutters News Facebook Page and here are three of our everyday cord cutting followers’ tips on how to get started cutting the cord.

Shayl Kriete

Make a list of your favorite “must see” shows and frequently watched programs along with the channels that they are on. When I did this I was shocked to see that all of my faves were on 4 channels and two of those channels were local networks. I was paying $100 to watch only 2 cable channels?! What an eye opener! Then I searched for alternative legal ways to get the cable programming that I love and found it all on Hulu and Amazon. I solved the network TV issue with a $45 dollar HD amplified antenna. So far I don’t notice the difference. The picture quality is flawless and, as a bonus, I’ve discovered new shows that I had never seen before such as Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black. It’s a no brainer!

Kelly Morris-Ceritelli

I know what we did may not be for everyone, but I suggest doing a test run. We already had everything needed for this test run except for our Mohu Antenna. I bought the antenna. We did a two-month test run and tried not to watch cable during our test run and only watched OTA channels and Netflix. We didn’t make it the full two months before calling up our cable provider and canceling our service. If your husband needs sports then get Sling TV. It will provide ESPN and ESPN2. There is also a small sports channel package you can add on. If I am correct, you can also buy the various sport passes (i.e., NBA League Pass) without needing cable—I’m not 100% sure about this since this isn’t a family need for us. Don’t let shocked family or friends deter you from your cord cutting goal. And don’t be embarrassed about it. Embrace it. It’s funny, but it is kinda liberating! Go out and do a test run. See if it is the right thing for you and your family. We have a Mohu Antenna, Roku, Netflix, and Sling TV.

Ron Estes

Don’t expect to replace your overpriced cable/satellite package with a single video source. Learn to use the “Input” button on your remote. When I dumped DirecTV, I purchased an over-the-air antenna, a Roku 3, and subscriptions to Sling and Netflix. I also connected an old netbook to the PC Input of my TV. My viewing options have improved, and I’m saving over $80 per month!

Hopefully these tips will help you to take the leap and break free of your cable contract. Do you have a tip or suggestion for other cord cutters? Post it in the comments and let other future cord cutters know what helped you.