Stephen Colbert and Tom Brokaw, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Premiere on CBS

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Premiere on CBS

The wait is over! The Late Show is back on CBS with its new host, Stephen Colbert.

Premiering Tuesday, September 8th at 11:35pm EST/PST and 10:35pm CST is The Late Show with Stephen Colbert promises to be the crown jewel in the late night television crown for CBS and a treat for cord cutters willing to tune in just a little bit past their scheduled bedtimes. Available for free over air, The Late Show is broadcast in high definition and easily tuned in with a simple to use Mohu HDTV antenna.

The relaunch of The Late Show comes after the departure of longtime host David Letterman who retired after hosting the show for 22 years. While Stephen Colbert has Dave’s big late night shoes to fill, there’s no doubt this guy is up to the task.

Having won nine Prime Time Emmy Awards, two Grammy Awards and two Peabody Awards, and having been named one of Time’s Most Influential People in 2006 and 2012, Stephen Colbert has the intelligence, charisma and wit to bring a fresh voice to the coveted host spot at The Late Show.

Fictitious Reporter To Real Host

Colbert brings with him to The Late Show  some of his writing staff from The Colbert Report; the wildly popular news satire show that aired from 2005 until 2014.

The Colbert Report came about as a spin off of his namesake character’s performances on The Daily Show where he played a political reporter. The namesake ‘Stephen Colbert’ character in The Colbert Report is one Stephen Colbert describes as a  “… well-intentioned, poorly informed, high-status idiot.”

The Colbert character, combined with self-deprecating, politically powerful guests to produce a winning combination for Comedy Central network and the comedian.

Prior to The Colbert Report Colbert had worked in improvisational and skit comedy as both a performer and writer. He appeared on The Dana Carvey Show (1996) and The Daily Show (1997), as well as a few other projects with the Second City improvisational comedy troupe alumni.

The popularity of The Colbert Report is what launched Colbert into the mainstream comedy consciousness, but one event dramatically boosted his career.

In 2006 Colbert was asked to host the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.  A total surprise to him, this appearance catapulted him swiftly into the national limelight as an entertainer.

The Late Show: A New Era

As the launch of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert gets ready for its premiere September 8th on CBS, it’s difficult not to be excited about what this new era of the show may bring.

Late night audiences loved David Letterman, but after reading 7 Things You Need to Know About Stephen Colbert Before His “Late Show” Debut something tells me we may all just grow to love Stephen Colbert a little bit more. (Sorry Dave. Maybe Stephen will have you back on the show as a guest one day..)

Check out Stephen Colbert’s Twitter and listen in on the free The Late Show podcasts in addition to enjoying The Late Show with Stephen Colbert free over air.