Emmy Awards sitting on a table, Can I Watch the 2016 Emmy Awards with My Antenna?

Can I Watch the 2016 Emmy Awards with My Antenna?

This Sunday marks a special day. No, not because it’s the second week of NFL football (although I’m definitely excited about that). But more importantly for fans of the best TV shows, the 68th Primetime Annual Emmy Awards hosted by Jimmy Kimmel will air. The festivities begin at 8 PM ET, and you won’t want to miss a second of it. (Check out which over-the-air and streaming series/actors/specials received nominations this year.)

Of course, as a cord cutter, you don’t have a cable guide to search and find how to watch. So let me help you out. The Emmys air on ABC, which is great news for anyone without cable. Let’s discuss how you can watch the Emmys below.

When: Sunday, September 18

Where: ABC

Time: 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT

Watching the Emmy Awards with an Antenna

ABC is one of the big 4 networks, along with FOX, CBS, and NBC. Cord cutters adore these stations for one simple reason—they’re available for free over the air. All you need is to make sure is that you get the right antenna for your location, and you can watch all the action on Sunday night for free, live in high definition.

Not sure which antenna will work where you live? No worries. Mohu has a great channel finder tool. All you need to do is type in your address and it will show you which stations you can expect to pickup with which antenna.

What If I Can’t Watch the Emmys Live?

Of course, viewing with an antenna means you only have the option to watch the Emmys live, right? Well, not exactly. Believe it or not, cord cutters can get over-the-air (OTA) DVRs, just like you had with your cable contract.

A few OTA DVRs worth checking out that will let you watch antenna programming at a later date:

Whichever you choose, rest assured you can couple it with your antenna and watch the Emmy’s at a later date if necessary, no cable required.

Are There Other Ways to Watch the Emmy Awards without Cable TV?

Yep, both Sling TV and PlayStation Vue carry ABC in select locations. However, by select locations, I mean there are only a handful of major markets that have access to ABC via these streaming services. That means if you don’t live in a major city that the services have deals in, well, you’re out of luck without an antenna.

Which cities can you receive ABC live through Sling and Vue? You can learn more about that in Sling TV’s FAQ or by plugging your Zip Code in on Vue’s site.

The fact is that using an antenna is the best way to watch the Emmys for free for most people. So get your antenna and enjoy the show!