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2016 NFL TV Schedule for Cord Cutters: Week 13

Watching Week 13 of the NFL Online and Over-the-Air

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the Cowboys kept on truckin’, the Lions pulled off another amazing come from behind victory, and the Chiefs stunned the Broncos by eking out a victory in the last few minutes of the game. What a fantastic holiday and what a fantastic week for cable-free football!

This week we’ve got another superb set of NFL games that don’t require a single subscription to cable TV; and without further ado, let’s get into it!

How to Watch the NFL Without Cable

If you want to watch the NFL without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a pricey cable subscription, you’re going to first want to look into buying an OTA Antenna.

Watching Football With an Antenna

Luckily for us, most NFL game already air broadcast television. That means all you need to watch the NFL without cable is an OTA antenna. With an antenna, you can pick up all of the major broadcast stations (Fox, CBS, and NBC included) in picture perfect 1080 HD. No bills, no subscriptions required.

Like with Cable TV, only certain games air in certain areas. Below you will find a quick overview of the top games of the week, as well as the necessary broadcast maps so you can figure out which game will be airing in your area.

Dec. 1 – Thursday Night Football

Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings, 8:25 PM, NBC/Twitter

At first glance the Thursday Night Football match-up may look lopsided, but don’t let looks deceive you. It’s true that the Dallas Cowboys are riding high on a ten win streak; thanks in part to having the third highest ranked offense in the NFL. But standing in their way are the Minnesota Vikings and the NFL’s second ranked defense. It’s unsure whether Minnesota has it in them to upset Dallas, but nonetheless look for a few surprises in this game.

NFL on Twitter

If you want to get your weekly dose of Thursday Night Football and you don’t have an antenna, then all you need is an internet connection. This week , the website Twitter (yes, that Twitter) broadcast Thursday Night Football games live and for free. No sign ups or subscriptions need. All you have to do is go to this link when the game starts. How easy is that?

Dec. 4 – Sunday Football

CBS Single

Buffalo Bills vs. Oakland Raiders, 1:00 PM, CBS

With the 9-2 Oakland Raiders facing off against the 6-5 Buffalo Bills, this once again looks like a lopsided match-up. But that assumption would be a fatal mistake for Oakland fans to make because the Bills are more fearsome than they look. Not only did the upend the Patriot’s perfect record earlier in the season, they can also run the ball to great effect; which is bad news for a team like Oakland, that’s been struggling against the run all season.

FOX Early

Detroit Lions vs. New Orleans Saints, 1:00 PM, Fox

Thought the Lions have the better record, make no mistake they are the underdogs going into this game. The Saints are #2 in the league for offense, which could spell trouble for Detroit’s 15th ranked offense. However, the Lions have been improving all season, so there’s no reason to think that they’ve hit their ceiling yet. But will that slow climb be enough to beat the Saints? We shall see.

FOX Late
For weekly NFL and College broadcast
maps check out: www.506sports.com

New York Giants vs. Pittsburgh Steelers,  4:25 PM, Fox

Though they have had a rough middle season, the Steelers are shaping up once again to be that powerhouse team we all know and fear. But on the other, the Giants have been solid all season and stand a strong chance of making it to the Super Bowl this year. My prediction is that this one will come down to defense. Who ever can stop the high flying action of the deep ball, will win this battle.

Carolina Panthers vs. Seattle Seahawks, 8:30 PM, NBC

With their Super Bowl dreams all but a distant memory, the Panthers will hope to at least spoil Seattle’s record in this prime-time match-up. Though the Panthers have had a rough season, it’s been more circumstance than the fact that they’re a bad team. Cam Newton is still as good as ever, which is great news for Carolina because the Seahawks are still one of the toughest teams in the league and a top contender to make it all the way.

Dec. 5 – Monday Night Football

Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Jets, 8:30 PM, ESPN

Our Monday Night Football match-up pits against each other two teams on the ropes. At 5-6, the Colts might be able to scrap together positive record this season; but at 3-8, the Jets have almost no chance. Last time these two teams met, the Jets were able to shut down the Colts and go on to a 20-7 victory; but that was then and this is now. Can the Colts come out on top or will history repeat itself?

ESPN on Sling TV

To catch all the action on ESPN this Monday Night, a subscription to Sling TV is all you need. If you subscribe to their Orange package you can get live streaming access to dozens of cable television channels (without that cable price or commitment); ESPN included. If you love sports of any kind, this is a must have. There are a few other streaming services available that also offer ESPN, but Sling Orange is currently the cheapest way to get it.

NFL Game Pass

If you want to know how to get around NFL blackouts, here is your answer. For $99 a season, you can subscribe to NFL Game Pass and get streaming access to every single NFL Game from 2009 to present. You also get a ton of awesome extras like classic Super Bowl games, coaches films, and condensed games.

The only catch is that you can’t live stream games, but it does become available after the broadcast ends; so you don’t have to wait that long. In the mean time, fire up that antenna and enjoy your local game first. That’s a win-win.

So what are your picks for this week? Can the Cowboys keep it alive? Will the Panthers be able to pull off an upset? Let us know in the comments below or sound off on social media!

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