Custom Home Theater Featuring a Mohu Indoor HDTV Antenna

Ikea Home Theater Center

In our experience, cord cutters are an industrious and tech-savvy crew. Definitely more DIY, than “whatever you say”.


That’s why when we see a cool home entertainment project — that happens to feature our very own Mohu Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna — we gotta share it with you!


The fine folks over at transformed IKEA furniture into a unique and modern looking home theater center. While the setup appears to be wireless at first glance, under further investigation, they’ve definitely cut the cord from cable.


For about $700, they created a fully functional (and great looking!) media center made from parts of IKEA furniture, plus some creativity, and a Mohu Leaf.


Check out the images below and click here for the full rundown on how to do-it-yourself!

Brian Toomes

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