January/February 2018: Live Sports Schedule

January and February 2018 are full of exciting live sporting events to tune into! Here’s your guide to watching the NFL playoffs, Super Bowl LII, the Winter Olympics, and more for free over-the-air.

Mohu Joins TVfreedom.org to Advocate for Americans' Access to Broadcast TV

From TVfreedom.org: MOHU JOINS TVFREEDOM.ORG TO ADVOCATE FOR AMERICANS’ ABILITY TO EASILY ACCESS FREE, LOCAL BROADCAST TV THROUGH MULTIPLE DIGITAL PLATFORMS With nearly 13 million “broadcast-TV-only” homes in U.S. and climbing, the need for policymakers to

When Cable Outages Hit, HDTV Antennas Provide Back-Up

Time Warner Cable Outage Strikes Carolinas Over the weekend, thousands of Time Warner Cable subscribers experienced cable outages, internet outages, and even phone outages. The outages lasted for hours.

Customers in the Carolinas, we are currently working on resolving…

When Did You Last Scan for Over-the-Air Channels?

Scanning for channels is something most people do once right after they buy an antenna or move. However, new channels are coming out all the time, with 5 brand-new over-the-air channels released just this year. If you have not rescanned for new channels recently you may be…

Many Top New TV Series Are Available Without Cable

IMDb has released their Most Popular TV Series Released in 2015 and many are available free with an antenna over the air or with inexpensive streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. No longer do you need cable to see the most popular TV shows of…

Week 6 NFL Over-the-Air TV Schedule by Region

Weekly Review of Games Broadcast in Your Area The hits just keep on coming with Week 6 of the NFL. Broncos and Patriots are still riding high, while Detroit is down in the dumps and still without a victory. While the Lions’ season may be all but kaput, other teams are…

Week 5 NFL Over-the-Air TV Schedule by Region

Weekly Review of Games Broadcast in Your Area It’s week 5 of the NFL and things are already heating up. Some favorites have fallen, the underdogs keep struggling, and the middle of the road teams are fighting to distinguish themselves on the field. This week’s list of…

Some of the Best-Kept Secrets of Over-The-Air TV

With digital broadcasting there are a ton of networks you may have never heard about. Over 100 channels broadcast for free over the air in most of the United States and Canada and many are in HD. Everything from 24-hour news channels to movie channels are free for the…

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