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Get ready to dive into a thrilling array of television premieres in January 2024! Explore a captivating lineup of your favorite shows, from heartwarming dramas, family-fun game shows to gripping mysteries. And the best part, you can watch them LIVE and for FREE with a Mohu TV Antenna. Mark your calendars and set your reminders as these premiere dates are bound to keep you glued to the TV screen. All times listed are EST.

January 1st Happy New Year!!
8:00pm: America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League (NBC) – Series Premiere

January 2nd
8:00pm: Night Court (NBC) – Season 2 Premiere (Time Slot)

8:00pm: Celebrity Name That Tune (FOX) – Winter Premiere

8:00pm: Finding Your Roots (PBS) – Season 10 Premiere

8:30pm: Extended Family – NEW Season Premier (Time Slot)

9:00pm: Only Murders in the Building (ABC) – Season 1 Premiere – Episodes 1-3

9:00pm: The Floor (FOX) – Series Premiere

January 3rd
8:00pm: I Can See Your Voice (FOX) – Season Premiere

9:00pm: We Are Family (FOX) – NEW Series Premiere

January 4th
8:00pm: The Golden Wedding (ABC)

January 7th
8:00pm: 81st Golden Globe Awards (CBS)

8:00pm: Miss Scarlet and the Duke (PBS) – Series 4 Premiere

8:00pm: Grimsburg (FOX) – Series 2 Premiere

9:00pm: All Creatures Great and Small (PBS) – Series 4 Premiere

9:30pm: The Great North (FOX) – Season 4 Premiere

10:00pm: Funny Woman (PBS) – NEW Season Premiere

January 8th
8:00pm: Antiques Roadshow (PBS) – Season Premiere

January 9th
9:00pm: La Brea (NBC) – Season 3 Premiere

9:00pm: Only Murders in the Building (ABC) – Episodes 4-6

10:00pm: Found (NBC) – Season Finale

January 11th
9:30pm: Children Ruin Everything (The CW) – Season 3 Premier

January 14th
7:00pm: 29th Critics Choice Awards (The CW)

January 15th
8:00pm: 75th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (FOX)

January 16th
9:00pm: Only Murders in the Building (ABC) – Episodes 7-9

January 17th
8:00pm: Chicago Med (NBC) – Season 9 Premiere

8:00pm: Wild Cards (The CW) – NEW Series Premiere

9:00pm: Chicago Fire (NBC) – Season 12 Premiere

9:00pm: Family Law (The CW) – Season 3 Premiere

10:00pm: Chicago P.D. (NBC) – Season 11 Premiere

January 18th
8:00pm: Law & Order (NBC) – Season 23 Premiere

9:00pm: Law & Order: SVU (NBC) – Season 25 Premiere

10:00pm: Law & Order: Organized Crime (NBC) – Season 4 Premiere

January 19th
8:00pm: Transplant (NBC) – Season 4 Premiere (Time Slot) 

January 22nd
8:00pm: The Bachelor (ABC) – Season 28 Premiere

8:00pm: TMZ Investigates (FOX) – Season 4 Premiere

9:00pm: America’s Most Wanted (FOX) – Season Premiere

10:00pm: 20/20 True-Crime Series (ABC) – Series Premiere

January 23rd
9:00pm: Only Murders in the Building (ABC) – Episode10 Finale

January 25th
8:00pm: Son of a Critch (The CW) – Season 3 Premiere