Cable TV is Charging More for Fewer Channels

While cable networks are dropping channels, cable providers keep raising their rates and increasing monthly fees so that you continue to pay more for less.

The Gift of Cordcutting: 3 Reasons to Cut the Cord

Haven’t yet cut the cord with cable TV? Give yourself the gift of cordcutting this holiday season and watch your favorite holiday programs for free in HD!

DirecTV Dispute Could Mean Super Bowl Blackout for Some

Another day, another dispute. We’ve reported before on DirecTV disputes with broadcasters that have resulted in channels being blacked out for paying customers. This has meant folks have missed out on their favorite TV shows, local news, and NFL games.

Now there’s…

Give The Gift of Cord Cutting for the Holidays

Trying to come up with the perfect holiday gift?  Give the gift of cord cutting to friends and family.

Whether it’s a stand alone product like a Mohu HDTV antenna or a gift basket filled with a cozy throw, popcorn, soda and a Netflix gift card, your cord…

Cable TV Subscribers Pay Over $230 a Year in Rental Fees

If you get TV from your local cable TV provider, you likely are paying over $230 a year in rental fees for their hardware. These fees bring in $19.5 billion in revenue for cable TV companies. After all, what’s a few (ever-increasing, never-ending) bucks to you the…

Hulu Goes Ad-Free, Amazon Offers Offline Viewing

To get the most out of your cord cutting experience, it’s important to keep up with the latest news related to cord cutting. Here are some currently trending stories that perked my interest.

Use this info to stay up on information that can help you enjoy both…

Back to School Technology Essentials

No, you really don’t need to bring everything in your closet, living room, bathroom and kitchen when you go to college – it just seems like it. For first-time college students bound for campus here’s a simple guide to back to school technology essentials which…

Cord Cutting Script: What To Say When You Cut The Cord

If you’re thinking about cutting the cord with your cable TV company, you may also be dreading the conversation with your local cable company representative. You fear that the instant you indicate that you want to drop your TV service, the battle is…

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