Roku TV Plus Antenna Is the Easiest Cord Cutting Package

An antenna is one of the best tools for anyone who is looking to cut their cable package. Paired with a Roku TV, it’s the simplest cordcutting setup.

Mohu Antenna + Tablo OTA DVR = Perfect Cord Cutting Duo

What do you get when you combine a Mohu antenna with a Tablo OTA DVR? Cord cutting awesomeness and a great deal on a limited-time bundle at

When Cable Outages Hit, HDTV Antennas Provide Back-Up

Time Warner Cable Outage Strikes Carolinas Over the weekend, thousands of Time Warner Cable subscribers experienced cable outages, internet outages, and even phone outages. The outages lasted for hours.

Customers in the Carolinas, we are currently working on resolving…

Over-the-Air TV in the US and CA: Quality and choice better than ever

Antennas have come a long way from a clothes hanger over your old TV. The channels you can receive with your antenna have also come a long way in both quality and variety. As of June 2015, there are 119 national over-the-air TV networks covering the United States…

KilltheCableBill's Cord Cutting FAQ

Top 5 Cord Cutting FAQ from

When it comes to running a blog about cord cutting, you tend to get a lot of emails and tweets from people who need your help. Some people are super specific, but the vast majorities of the questions I receive are…

reddit cordcutter success stories

Cord Cutting Success Stories - reddit /r/cordcutters

The cable companies are out beating the drums, trying to tell you it costs more to ditch cable than to keep your cable subscription. We could show you charts, graphs, and other great evidence to prove cord cutting is cheaper, sometimes by a lot, but we decided…

2015 FIFA Women's World Cup TV Schedule

How Cord Cutters Can Watch the World Cup  

June is finally here, which means it’s time for one of the most watched sporting events in the world: The Women’s World Cup. Dozens of teams from all across the world will compete in a month long bonanza of soccer…

June 2015 OTA Sports Calendar

Watch Sporting Events for Free and in HD  

June is a great time of the year to be a sports fan; and that goes double if you’re a cord cutter. While millions spend thousands of dollars on a substandard services that charge too much for too little, you can enjoy…

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