5 Ways to Get the Best Results from Your Antenna

Looking to improve your antenna’s reception? Check out these tricks on getting the most out of your antenna!

Introducing Blade - Our New HDTV Bar Antenna

Cut through your cable bill with Mohu’s new modern bar antenna, Blade.

Top three questions people have about OTA

Is OTA TV still around? Yes. It never went away. If anything, there are more channels today with better quality than you remember. This is because in 2009 the U.S. switched over to a digital form of broadcast. Digital means that all of the picture and sound of TV gets…

Top 3 questions people love to ask about a tv antenna

There are some questions that consistently come up regarding a tv antenna, so I thought we could benefit by having a post about it. It’s a subject with a lot of science behind it–which is why we try to keep it all in the background!–but it couldn’t hurt to know a little…

Why House of Cards is good for tv antenna users

All right, let’s talk about House of Cards. In terms of internet-streaming cord-cutting, HoC is the first award-winning, public-binging, movie star-starring and beautiful-looking show that didn’t come from cable, satellite or any other form of television (and yes,…

The Lifehacking landscape architect who watches OTA television

A few weeks ago one of our products was written about by a Baltimore landscape architect named Benjamin Boyd. Landscape architecture and over-the-air (OTA) television are not topics that I typically see being discussed in the same sentence, so I thought it was a great…

Revealing the Curve 30 and Curve 50 Indoor HDTV Antennas

Today we’re very excited to reveal new products for you, something we haven’t done since the Sky in February.

You might be wondering, “Mohu, you already have several great products; what’s left in indoor hdtv antennas that hasn’t been covered?”

That’s a fair…

TV Blog Writer Cuts Cord

If the intersection of television and technology is among your interests, you might be familiar with general TV blogs like TVtechnology, The Tech Beat, and the oh-so originally named Television + Technology Blog.

One television blog out of Colorado, however, is doing its…

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