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4 Reasons Cutting the Cord Should be Your New Year’s Resolution

2018 is officially here!

It’s hard to believe, but another year has come and gone. If you’re like millions of other Americans, you’ve made at least one New Year’s resolution. There are lots of ways to meet your goals in 2018, and we at Mohu want to help you achieve them. One great resolution and a way to save some money is to cut the cord. We’ll break down how ditching cable will make your life more positive with four no-brainer reasons.

1.) Save Your $$$

Did you know that most people end up saving around $100 a month when they get rid of Pay TV? That adds up to over $1200 in savings each year! When you cut the cord, you eliminate costly fees associated with cable.

Our cord cutting app, Untangle.TV, generates a unique cord cutting package based on your viewing habits. Simply answer a few questions about how you like to watch TV and some of your favorite shows/channels and boom, you’ve got a recommendation made just for you. Untangle.TV also shows you exactly how much you’ll save plus receive extra money saving tips.

2.) Stress Less

How many times have you called your cable company frustrated? Between constantly raising prices and blacked out channels, Pay TV seems to always cause stress.

You may have heard getting rid of cable causes more of a headache than putting up with their nonsense. But never fear, Untangle.TV takes the confusion out by creating a unique cord cutting recommendation for you. Get an over-the-air antenna, and pair it with the perfect streaming service and you’re all set to give cable the boot. No more worrying about losing your favorite channels or about paying a hefty cable bill each month!

3.) Spend Less Time Watching TV

At some point, most of us have spent more time flipping through channels looking for something to watch rather than actually watching TV. When you get rid of cable, you are able to trim down to content you actually want to watch.

You should have the freedom to watch what you want, when you want. Part of the cord cutting process is going through your TV services and deciding what is worth paying for. In fact, even though cable companies offer thousands of channels, studies have shown that most people watch less than 10% of those channels available. So why waste your time on those channels you don’t even watch?

4.) Extra Money and Time

When you’re saving a thousand dollars a year and countless hours by getting rid of cable, you may find yourself with a lot of extra time and money. You can put that money and effort towards another resolution or maybe start a new hobby. What will you do with your extra money and time when you become a cord cutter?

So there you have it – four reasons to become a cord cutter and make 2018 the best year yet!