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Pluto TV: A Must-Have (Free) Resource for Cord Cutters

One of the biggest issues cord cutters have is finding the content they want in a world full of more content than you have ever seen with cable TV. Do you just miss the ability to mindlessly channel surf after a long day at work?

Now Pluto TV has the digital streaming answer to complement your over-the-air channel surfing and satisfy all your quests for great content and your desire to just turn your brain off and watch some TV without having to think about what you want.

What is Pluto TV?

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Pluto TV looks and works similarly to your old cable channel guide, and with channels like News 24/7 and MSNBC to sports and movies, they have it all. It’s essentially an online streaming TV package with a ride range of content and scrolling channels like many people are accustomed to with traditional pay TV, but it comes with a price tag of $0 per month.

Types of Content on Pluto TV

When you first log in you will find different categories that include News, Tech, Sports, Pop Culture, Comedy, Action & Adventure, Annie, Cartoons, Drama, and Arts & Lifestyle! From there under each category you will find hundreds of channels like Conan O’Brien, the ONION, Newsy, Classic Toons, Movies, Nerdist, and hundreds of others.

You can pick the channel you want or just start mindlessly flipping around from the start or after you pick a topic. You can even find fitness channels to help with your workout or just some time to relax with yoga.

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All this content is handpicked with staff carefully looking at each channel whether it’s picking a show to be in the ’90s TV Shows or the newest news channels every hour.

Presidential Debates, Breaking News, and More

There are even special channels that pop up around big events. With the presidential debates happening, they’re streaming replays (especially handy since a number of the debates are only available on cable or with a cable provider online authentication). When major news occurs, they also often create special channels to cover major breaking news.

No matter what you want, Pluto TV likely has it—from cat videos to documentaries—it is all there. We had the opportunity to sit down with one of the co-founders of Pluto TV, and you can find the conversation over on Cord Cutters News.

Pluto TV is currently available on all major streaming devices from Roku to the Apple TV. They are also available on your browser, smart phone, and tablet. The best part: all of this content is 100% FREE!