3 Free Awesome Apps for Cord Cutters, Mohu

3 Free Awesome Apps for Cord Cutters

In addition to getting all your local broadcast channels free over air with your Mohu antenna, cord cutters can use free streaming media apps and and services for even more quality alternatives to traditional subscription TV.

Three of my favorite free streaming media services are: Crackle, PlutoTV, and Red Bull TV.

Available across multiple platforms, free apps for these services provide great free content for viewers on various home and mobile devices. There are no subscription fees associated with Crackle, Pluto TV or Red Bull TV, as is the case with some others including Amazon, Sling TV, Netflix and Hulu Plus.

These three free awesome apps are available for use on tablets, smartphones, gaming systems, smart TVs, Blu-ray players, and other streaming devices, making them extremely valuable to millennials, cord cutters and travelers.

I enjoy using all of these apps on a variety of the streaming devices I own. What makes these some of my favorites (besides the fact that they are free) is their availability across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, etc…), simple user interface, and continued commitment to updating their services with high quality programming.


Crackle offers a wide variety of on-demand TV, movies and original programming – all for free!

From your first use of the service it’s easy to see what the attraction is to it. Crackle content is available for instant viewing, has very good content that isn’t so obscure that it will turn off the masses, apps on various devices are stable and glitch-free, making its playback smooth and enjoyable to watch.

You do have to endure some ads with Crackle programming, but since you’re getting so much for free, who cares? (Even Hulu Plus has ads, and you pay for that service!)

I recently discovered Crackle’s original series: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee featuring Jerry Seinfeld. (I love this show!) A Crackle original that offers viewers a casual visit with Jerry and a comedian friend. In each episode Jerry picks up a comedian friend in a unique old car. You get the history of the car and then it’s all about the two comedians, on the road and eventually in a coffee shop, just hangin’ out and enjoying the day. Immersive and fun, the show is improptu Seinfeld for free.

You can browse Crackle content by Genre, Category, alphabetically or by the year of release. Mainstream movies like The Blues Brothers, and television series like News Radio are what you can find in addition to original content.

To learn more about Crackle, check out the supported devices and get the Crackle app to enjoy this gem!

Pluto TV

The wonders of Pluto TV have yet to be discovered by many, but those who have experienced this mighty streaming service are enjoying a treasure trove of free streaming entertainment for the whole family.

There are over 100 channels available on Pluto TV, which makes it highly unlikely that you won’t be able to find something to watch should you tune in at any hour of the day. Music videos, News, Comedy, Adventure, DIY, Health, Fitness, Kids programming, Home & Garden and much more is available on this free service. If you register, you can set favorite channels and reminders for upcoming programs.

I have the PlutoTV app on my iPad, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku 3 and on my Windows PC. Pluto TV plays beautifully on all these platforms and the user interface is very similar to an on-screen channel guide that most cable and satellite TV users are used to using.

My favorite Pluto TV channels have trending videos, stand-up comedy, travel shows, gadget reviews, current world news, and late night show recaps. Much of the programming is in HD and all of it is free.

Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV is geared towards a specific audience. Its programming is immersive and action oriented, and likely to appeal to viewers with an active lifestyle who enjoy participating in adventure sports.

The Red Bull TV app brings together both live and recorded Sports, Music and Lifestyle programming. The programming is updated frequently and always about ‘the ride’. Youthful adrenaline seekers, sports junkies, and those with GoPro cams strapped to their helmets, will love this free content.

I like Red Bull TV because the video quality is generally excellent, videos are entertaining, and viewing Red Bull TV always gets me pumped for outdoor fun. The app’s navigation is fairly intuitive and users can look at Featured Shows, Recently Added, Past Live Events, or scout out their own programming by category.

Red Bull TV, Pluto TV and Crackle apps are all excellent options for cordcutters who want to enjoy even more entertainment without paying for it.

To unearth even more awesome apps for cord cutters, check out the Google Play Store via the new Mohu Channels.

Andrea Polk hails from Oregon and is a wife, mother, writer, Amazon Top 50 Reviewer, and more. She’s also the author of the Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TV and the Simple Guide to Sling TV as well as the avid deal-seeker behind SavvySleuth.com, where she scours the web for the best online deals.