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Cutting the Cord–One Month Later

Mohu has a guest blogger today. Last month, Michelle–a friend of Sarah’s–wrote her experience about cutting the cord. She’s back with an update.

I was a little nervous when we started our cord-cutting experience and there have been a few glitches with the cable company, but overall I’m really happy with our experience. I found out, very painfully, that the cable service didn’t terminate the day I called to cancel, though they did cut the signal immediately. The date of termination happened when I returned my boxes and remotes to their over-crowded office. I waited for over an hour to return them and saved the receipt and they STILL sent me a bill for $90+ that includes some sort of late fee. I haven’t paid the bill and called them to inform them that I am no longer a customer so we’ll see what happens.

As far as the cutting the cord, ┬áit’s absolutely seamless. No one in my family even notices that we don’t have cable. The combination of our Mohu Leaf antenna and streaming content from Netflix and Hulu+ is a dream. We toyed with getting an Amazon Fire but have decided to wait for Mohu’s Channels to come out this summer because it seems more versatile. A few shows I like to watch, such as NCIS, are only available through the network’s website and with Channels I’ll be able to stream it directly to our television if we miss an episode.

Looking back, I was paying about $90/month just for cable. With the Leaf, a one time purchase, and subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu+, our monthly cost is around $16. For free TV and streaming, we save $74/month or $888 a year. In addition, the picture quality with the antenna is fantastic. I had no idea how crisp and clear full 1080 HDTV looks. We’ve watched a few nature shows on PBS and they look absolutely amazing.

Overall, I am so happy we cut the cord. We’re saving money, getting free TV with great picture quality, and no one misses the junky cable channels we were paying so much money for. I don’t even miss the DVR, which I though I could never live without! I highly recommend cord-cutting to anyone who can get a broadcast signal. Thanks to Mohu for making all this possible!


A follow up. The day after I wrote this I received another bill from Time Warner adding another month of service, so I now owe them $180 + late fees. I’ll be back on the phone tomorrow with customer support.