Recycle sign on corrugated recyclables, Environmental Impact of Mohu Packaging - Earth Day 2015

Environmental Impact of Mohu Packaging – Earth Day 2015

You’re probably already aware that here at Mohu, we’re big fans of the color green. From the walls in our office to the “green” you save when you cut the cord. The color green is also a prominent fixture on the packaging of our antennas. We love that pop of color and think it makes our Leaf antennas stand out.

But there’s some extra meaning behind all that green—it’s that we take our environmental impact seriously! So to celebrate Earth Day 2015, we’d like to share some (in our opinion) pretty astounding stats when it comes to the environmental impact of the materials we use in our packaging. We’re proud to partner with the folks at Pratt Industries, a leader in sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

Just what is the environmental impact of our packaging? Take a look at the stats from the last 12 months.

93% of cardboard used was made from 100% recycled materials

As momentum for cord cutting grows, so has the demand for our products, which means more packaging. We’re proud to say that of the 157 tons of cardboard we’ve used in the past year, 146 tons were 100% recycled corrugated packaging.

These 146 tons of recycled packaging translate to serious environmental benefits:

  • 2,482 trees saved
  • 1,022,000 gallons of water saved
  • 482 cubic yards of landfill space saved
  • 584,000 Kilowatt hours of energy saved

In addition to using recycled materials in our packaging, we also strive to reduce as much waste as possible. In the same 12-month timespan, we’ve recycled more than 100 bales of corrugated packaging or the equivalent of approximately 50 tons of cardboard and paper materials.

Here’s what just one of those 1,000 lbs bales looks like (along with the baler – a.k.a. the machine that we use to compress hundreds of boxes into these nice brick-like bales).

We’re really proud of the efforts we’ve made so far to minimize waste, but there’s always room for improvement. From design to operations, we’re continually looking for ways to make our products and our packaging as efficient & cost-effective as possible while generating a minimal environmental footprint.

Happy Earth Day!

-The Mohu Team