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Celebrating Earth Day 2017 and One Year of ReLeaf

It’s hard to believe it’s already been (nearly) a year since we introduced ReLeaf into the cord-cutting world last Spring. In honor of Earth Day 2017 this Saturday, April 22nd, we created an infographic that highlights some of the ways that ReLeaf helps combat the ever-increasing energy, physical and financial waste produced by the cable industry.

ReLeaf in the news:

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Impacts of Cable vs. ReLeaf on Environment, Wallets

  • 10,000 lbs of cable box plastic recycled so far: This is how much e-waste we’ve kept out of landfills in order to recycle and reuse the plastic of discarded cable boxes for ReLeaf antennas – 400,000 of them.
  • $3 billion annually – cable energy costs: The amount of money cable subscribers collectively spend each year in energy costs associated with cable boxes.
  • $22.7 billion annually – cable box rental fees: The staggering cost of renting outdated and energy inefficient cable box equipment for Americans each year.
  • $1 million and counting saved: The estimated amount of money ReLeaf has helped people save on cable box rental fees in the last year.

ReLeaf Infographic

ReLeaf infographic
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We recognize ReLeaf is just one small piece of an extremely important and gigantic puzzle when it comes to curbing our impacts on the environment. As we continue to expand availability of ReLeaf, we hope to generate an even greater impact. Soon, you’ll be able to find ReLeaf at select Walmart stores nationwide in addition to on our website.

We plan to forge ahead with our efforts–continuing to use recycled packaging for all of our products, expanding our fully recycled approach to our broader product line, and hopefully inspiring others to follow in our footsteps. Thanks for helping support us along the way, Mohuligans.