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Why We Love Broadcast (Over-The-Air) TV

You may not know it, but rabbit ears on your TV are cool again. And our 21st century Mohu antennas are not your father’s rabbit ears. Our HDTV antennas are slick and stylish. The Mohu Leaf can be painted to match your décor, hang quietly on a wall or hide behind a picture. And while it’s “hanging out” it is bringing you top-notch 1080p HDTV. As Wirecutter said in a recent review of several antennas, “But there was one antenna that actually looked good when it was in plain view. The one that really nailed the whole aesthetics/performance combination is the Mohu Curve 50, an amped antenna that looks like a little sail or a curved, blank picture frame.”

So that’s the antenna part of OTA TV. What about what’s on TV? According to TV Guide, 18 of the top 20 2012-2013 season were all OTA. And even more recently, the 2014 Super Bowl (Seahawks vs Broncos) was the most watched Super Bowl in history. And it was available over-the-air. Free on Fox to anyone with an antenna.

Despite what your cable or satellite providers want you to believe, over-the-air broadcasts are alive and thriving. Love sitcoms? Look no further than Big Bang Theory or Modern Family. Have a drama queen in your family? American Idol, Dancing With The Stars AND The Voice are all top ten OTA. Crime procedurals? NCIS is the number one show in America, followed by NCIS LA, Person of Interest and Criminal Minds. And let’s not leave our sports fans out in the cold. Sunday Night Football, the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals and March Madness are all OTA.

And finally, let’s get down to the reason why the cord-cutting movement is growing. Cord cutters are smart consumers and are leading the movement away from unpredictable and overpriced cable bills. Because bottom line, whether you’re a millionaire or managing a tight budget, spending smart is the wave of the future. When you have an antenna, it’s all yours free and clear. Free HDTV. What could be better?