Image of a TV screen with a channel scan running

Have You Rescanned for Channels?

Did you know that you should be running a channel scan at least every month? If it’s been a little bit since your last channel scan, you might be surprised with how many more channels you could be getting.

Take a few minutes every month and rescan for new channels because you never know what you might find. An easy way to check to see if there are any new channels is by visiting Mohu’s TV for Free Channel Finder that will let you enter your zip code to see what you should be picking up at your house.

It’s recommended to rescan for channels every month because over-the-air TV stations are growing in number with many new networks launching. And don’t forget, every time you make any changes or updates to your TV antenna, like moving the location, you need to rescan for channels.

If you have any questions or need assistance with troubleshooting your antenna, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service, available 7 days a week, at 877-825-5572 or chat with them live on our website!