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How I Helped My Parents Cut the Cord

Earlier this year I set up my parents so they could cut the cord. Already they had cut their cable TV package down to $22 a month, paying only for local channels. My parents do not watch very much TV, and when they do, they watch local channels.  For the $22, they received 15 channels in standard definition. After looking at the channel finder on Mohu, I determined quickly that they could receive more than 30 channels free over the air—many in HD—and I jumped at the opportunity.

Cord Cutting Equipment

First, I picked up a Sky 60 antenna to ensure my parents received some of the more distant channels. To make sure they always had something to watch I also picked up a cheap Roku 1, so they could get Netflix and Amazon Instant along with other free channels on the Roku.

Significant Savings

The best part is they now receive twice the channels they previously did when paying $22 per month; but, more importantly, they receive all the same channels—many in HD—for free.

The Sky 60 and the Roku were not only easy to set up, but also they were easy for my parents to understand. This will save my parents $264 a year and at least $2,640 over the next 10 years.

If your parents are looking to save some money, think about setting them up to be cord cutters.
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